#472 – completely separate world

LOL Will's move. What a player. I was describing a lot of my friends' experiences moving to New York. So many came to pursue a relationship that didn't work out. And the promise of a rich social life rarely clicks in the first year or so. The city kind of traps you that way. This could happen anywhere, but where else are you so uniquely trapped in and drawn to your hell? Okay, LA, but where else.

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  1. I was in NYC for 3 months in '99. I didn't mind being mostly by myself (when I wasn't working) – but I knew I was going back and not staying. There is a lot to see and experience in NYC by yourself.

    And there is a Strand.

  2. I know some people who moved to NY to live their dream of being in an apartment with their friends, creatively collaborating with them, being sucked into the culture of the city…'cause hey, if you can hack it in San Francisco, you can hack it in NY, right?
    Yeah, they didn't last long.
    The truth is it's really hard to move somewhere new!! If you're not with a bunch of other people going through the same thing you are, then it's an alienating experience. That's why international students always congregate towards their own and don't really integrate well unless forced. That's why moving to a different town puts a strain on relationships for couples – especially if one is moving back home and the other is moving with them.

    This is my first time commenting but I adore this comic and its subtleties – this is one of those comics where I can just read and reread a single page to absorb all the expressions and details….
    The pacing is so good.
    Also Eve is probably my favourite webcomic character of all time. She has an incredible character arc
    I'm so happy I got to meet Meredith Gran and get her to sign a copy of OP for me <3

  3. Most people in NYC are too busy trying to make the rent. The big scenes you've heard about exist (1) in fictional television shows; (2) among the idle rich.

    But there _is_ the Strand. At least there was the last time I went by.

  4. Toronto.

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