#911 – is this closure?

It's easy to remember times where sex was a foregone conclusion to this kind of encounter. But equally, possibly more memorable for me, are the times it ended in two places, on opposite sides of a wall. The itch wasn't scratched, the curiosity lingered, the mystery lived on. The past few years of Eve's life have been an attempt to squash that mystery - and for good reason - she'd missed too many opportunities, had her boundaries set for her too many times. But now, a new opportunity has emerged: a chance for true agency, that can only come from pushing past those boundaries and knowing what's on the other side.

12 thoughts on “#911 – is this closure?

  1. I would happily just click on this site every day for your paragraph of musing without the comic attached.

  2. "Not just in a polite-but-no-fucking chance way …"

    buuuuut I'm not feeling like Eve became a regular at Greg's roommate's DnD sessions either.

  3. Eve would be the chaotic neutral rogue that everyone hates playing with.

  4. I still struggle with that. Wondering what those other encounters could be. Even if I don't think they would be better than were I am now, just the idea that there is an experience out there I won't get to see and feel drives me nuts.

  5. I honestly miss D&D with my friends. We just finished an arc to the story but one of our players got a job in a different state so we stopped for the time being. We had plans on I think a starfinder campaign for those of us still in town but covid kinda took that. I haven't seen any of those friends since the lockdown and I really miss them

    1. You ever look into playing online using roll20? I've been keeping a campaign going with some friends during lockdown with it. Pretty easy to use and a nice bit of escapism.

      1. We have used it before but we just really preferred getting together in person because we were able to also hang out and eat dinner before and after playing.

  6. I just have to ask meredith on a slight off-topic thing, I know that gardening comic was a very casual comic you done on the side, but I loved the 'mspaint feel' to it and how genuine and life-like it was. It inspired me to garden a little and just appreciate the little garden things. Do you have any plans of adding to it again? I completely understand if your too busy, other plans etc, I'm just genuinely curious, and enjoyed what you made.

    1. Thank you, and I'm glad you like it! I always get the itch to make more gardening-related stuff but my free time is usually filled with gardening itself. I suspect I'll have more time to contemplate this again when the growing season is over.

      1. That sounds great! I will look forward to it whenever you are next able to and have the time – please don't push yourself to!

  7. Seeing Eve like this is almost too hard to reconcile it with how she was in the first chapters… so angry, but also more self-sure. Like her character design, she has mellowed, pointy angles rounded and softened and the vulnerability she was hiding under that no-nonsense 'tude is all that remains.

    Like many adults (including myself) she's gone through a process of unmaking, of unlearning all the stupid ideas and posturing that adolescent us cobble into a makeshift personality to face the world as a pretend adult. Only after all that crumbles away for one reason or another, we finally start growing a true version of adulthood.

  8. Why isn’t Eve’s mom in the 911th OP? Y’all forgot

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