#910 – still happening to you

Eve is coming to the end of this type of freewheeling adventure. From here on out, her actions have deeper consequences. She has obligations to her home, her relationships, her health, and to the larger existential questions that weigh heavier than before. Finding herself in Greg's apartment after this day, having the kind of conversations about life that stay with you forever, is a gift she can't take for granted. It's big. And in hindsight, all of it was big.

3 thoughts on “#910 – still happening to you

  1. Here Greg works as a vape salesman, and Will used to deliver weed. One job is more glamorous and dangerous than the other, but both represent dead-end jobs to their holders. It seems like Greg is going through some things that Will went through, with less intensity, and a little later. What Greg's saying here seems similar to what Will says in the final pages: who you've been is past, and there is still a future.

    But that could be because every panel of the final years of OP feels blessed with insight.

  2. That's a man speaking from the sting of knowing. Hope for the best for Greg. Wish I could peer into the future for all of these characters.

    Also, I want to believe that Greg's roommate walked in from outside the apartment with a bowl of food because it's the most hilarious damn thing.

  3. Eve is wearing a sweater or a hoodie maybe? Greg’s gotten thoughtful. The colors even go with her outfit.

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