#456 – geez

I thought dry skeletons would be better for everyone; decaying or even whole bodies was just too gruesome. It comes off a little more over-the-top that necessary maybe. Larry could've seen their bodies offscreen, maybe... but that's also kind of awful. Better they die like cartoons or video game sprites or goldfish. RIP buddies.

4 thoughts on “#456 – geez

  1. Skeletons were perfect.

  2. This has always been my favourite. And I always loved the skeleton part of it. It just highlights the absurdity of the story.

  3. It's New York, the rats skeletonized them like piranhas on cows.

  4. I mean this is like one of the least absurd things to happen in OP. May I remind you that Hanna actually pulled out a harddrive from her Macbook without ejecting it, and the entirety of the known universe *didn't* collapse in on itself?

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