#457 – manhattan-bound

Well, I've kinda changed my tune on this one - how about it! Now that I don't live in NY it's way harder to get me to Brooklyn. The main reason is I just don't want to use the subway at all. I'd much rather walk the full length of Manhattan than step into that godforsaken tunnel. Granted that problem has gotten worse since 2015 when I left, but still. To all the bridge and tunnelers whose feelings I hurt with this page: calm down.

7 thoughts on “#457 – manhattan-bound

  1. I’ve never been to New York but I’ve always wanted to go to Brooklyn just because of this comic ?

  2. I'm so glad I don't understand the context here. Then again, this sounds like getting to Oxford (OH) for anyone in the Cincinnati area. Unless you happen to live near the one (or two) roads that head into Oxford, it's at least an hour's drive.

  3. I don't really care what the context is, eff that couple. Making Eve and their entire group already cozy and deep into enjoying the night drag their asses across the city, just to meet them at the overcrowded, overpriced bar only to hear them complain about it being overcrowded and overpriced. Bah. BAH I SAY!

  4. This is just about any large city anywhere. Drinking at home is way more appealing than going out. Going out to a bar outside the Big City is less crowded and expensive than downtown… UNLESS you know where the secret bars are.

    But yeah: this is one of the two iconic Octopus Pie comics for me. The other one is where Hannah realizes she needs Nothing, and gets her operatic show tune to declare so. Thanks Meredith Gran!

  5. This is like when people visiting LA refuse to come to the valley. You can’t make me drive to Hollywood and vine!!! I refuse!

  6. They say that Brooklyn is the new Manhattan. It's certainly expensive enough. But I don't know; I live in Queens, thank God.

    The subway is actually a miraculous transportation system built by our far-seeing, nearly omnipotent forefathers and -mothers. The power to do such things has run out, though. It took nearly a century to get three stations on the 2nd Avenue subway built.

  7. is it just me or is panel 5 really clever? it's super crowded but my eye still goes immediately to eve's face because her hair is the only spot of black in the shot

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