#454 – basement full of buddies

I drew this story while living with Kate Beaton in NY, and it came directly from an anecdote about one of her sister's boyfriends. It was such a fond idea that a boy would have a basement full of buddies, let alone dream about having one. It seemed just right for Larry; all the details about the nature of said buddies were less pressing.

3 thoughts on “#454 – basement full of buddies

  1. It seems you were also (consciously or not?) picking some style cues from Kate for this storyline? Lines are much looser and thicker, especially compared to the previous storyline, not to mention the lettering.

  2. Outside of the "Strong Female Character" comics, have Merideth and Kate collaborated on any other projects?

  3. Holy shit I never knew that about you and Beaton; pretty cool

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