#452 – here’s what happened

Just one more page on Friday! One more one more! Are you in NYC? I'm going to be a part of Fireside Follies this Saturday night at 7 PM. It's a free comics reading event featuring the members of Pizza Island, my current and totally awesome studiomates: It's in Brooklyn and FREE to attend! Here's the Facebook event page if you wanna RSVP. Or go to the Fireside Follies blog!

93 thoughts on “#452 – here’s what happened

  1. I can’t believe they fell for that.

  2. He…he just took off his shades, only to reveal lesser shades beneath

    1. Makes me think of Airplane! every time lol.
      “Get me Rex Cramer!”

    2. I believe those were his empathy shades.

    3. That is so HIP.

    4. The real question is if they were the shades revealed from three strips ago…

      …DEAR GOD! That's the source of all those cheap, crappy sunglasses you see in mini-marts. He makes his money by selling off the accumulating pile of sunglasses he keeps removing!!!!!

    5. I was going to say the same thing!! Amazin'.

    6. This part cracked me up more than anything else.

    7. He did that a couple of pages ago, when they were wondering where they had met Eve before, he took them off for dramatic effect

    8. oh man I hadn't even noticed!!!

  3. Aren't they so sweet and understanding?

  4. UGHH. All the cool stuff happens when I'm out of town.

  5. fuckin' G train. even when it's WORKING it sucks.

    1. The hell is a G train.

      1. Stop hating on the G. There are so many worse trains. Like, the beloved L train. Commuting by L train is so much worse than commuting by G train.

        1. The L is fine! Though I never venture more than a few stops into brooklyn. The G, though.. it doesn't even make sense.

      2. it's a rather short train in the NYC subway. operates in brooklyn. takes forever to get there, but sometimes, you get LUCKY.

  6. I lost my innocence aboard the G train.

  7. I don't see Jack in the audience of people being explained to :/

    1. In 7&8 he's off to the left side.

      1. I don't think that's him 🙁 on the previous page that same fellow is shown in the first panel with glasses, jack isn't wearing any.
        i have a feeling he won't swallow eve's explanation.

  8. Aw, that's a pleasant surprise. xD

  9. It makes you wonder how many pairs of sunglasses that guy is actually wearing..

    1. Fifty layers down are eyes made of smoked glass.

      1. I just thought I'd let you know that your comment is amazing.

  10. arc hits uncomfortably close to home. my liiiiiiife…

  11. Is that guy in the last panel trying to start a slow-clap?
    ..My god, I think he is. He is slow-clapping.

    1. I assumed it was a cheesy hand-clasp to say something along the lines of "dawww that's sweet"

  12. This ending made me laugh so hard, I can't even begin to express the pleasure it has caused me.

  13. Jeez… what was everyone expecting? This is The Guild, not the Mafia, after all.

    …Don't mess with the Coffee Mafia. You wind up at the bottom of the river tied up in a coffee can…

    1. Can? CAN?!? You mean a burlap sack of espresso beans, don't you?

    2. Well 4ex I was expecting more explosions.

  14. Jane doesnt look satisfied with that answer
    or maybe just still upset about the thing with Julie

    1. Nah, she's simply ashamed.

  15. everything's going to be all right.

  16. I can't even describe how much I adore this comic.

  17. No, no, no… you end up with cement in the bottom of your cup.

  18. Oh G train. Glad that I no longer rely on you and only occasionally use you to visit friends. <3

  19. I finally caught up to the current update of this comic! :,D I started reading this from the beginning a few weeks ago, and I don't really have anything to say except THIS IS WONDERFUL AND I CAN'T WAIT FOR MORE.

    1. I am so glad that people comment when they've just caught up with the series, it happens every couple of updates or so and it's cool because you can almost watch the fanbase grow.

      1. What's in a name?

        Damn, I should have done that, I guess. xD

        I read the whole thing in two or three days, a couple weeks ago, but didn't comment when I was caught up!

  20. So rad. The real reason of course is that she had to go steady bounce some jeeps.

  21. I've had no idea whats been going on this arc.

  22. hahaha, brilliant.

  23. awww, Eve must feel so much better now that she's not on the run anymore!

  24. there was so much buildup leading to this moment – with all the vermont guild members assembled to confront her, so this is anti-climactic. hilariously and intentionally so, obviously. but if eve is NOT going back to school, running her own cafe might be a better career path than sticking it out at the natural foods store.

    1. Oooh! That's a neat idea :3

    2. Then it would end up like Questionable Content. xD

      1. You, madam, have referenced my favorite web comic on the website of my other favorite web comic. I am now in love with you. 😀

  25. Toaster of Vengeance

    He had another pair of glasses on. That tickles me EVERYTIME someone makes that joke

  26. Shades on top of shades. This is too good. XD

  27. The Pizza Island event looks so awesome… ^_^

  28. Am I the only one who feels this has gone down the drain?

    1. Hey, I like it. That guy's beard is inspiring me.

    2. Yeah, I think so.

    3. Hehe, you don't live in New york I'm guessing. This joke is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO New York that it might as well be a slice of pizza in drag who refuses to go to times square.

  29. Jane still looks pissed…


  31. Aw, I was hoping that the answer would be more exciting. Don't get me wrong, I understand why it's anticlimatic, but I was secretly hoping that it would involve some bears or an explosion.

  32. Pair of Sunglasses number THREE.

  33. I don't think Jane and Julie will be getting together before Friday 🙁
    SUPER SAD. I want to go kick Jakob in the arse, he deserves it for ignoring Julie. Even if he doesn't like her, he could have TOLD HER SO, then she could be with a hot chick right now!

  34. Man, I remember that time I accidentally the whole G train..

  35. but.. but.. jack! I wanted him to be permanent.. wheres jack?

    1. He was there in the last comic, which leads me to believe he's in that crowd somewhere, just not visibly. I don't think Gran would build up tension between the two and put them in bed together just to make the character vanish. Poof.

  36. The Republicans are at it again, ruining perfectly good barista careers 🙁

  37. Yet again, another excellent ending to another excellent story line.

  38. This comic is hitting close to home, I the G train just this morning, and I was 15 minutes late to work.

  39. I wish I could go to this Fireside Follies thing so badly! I'm going to Colombus for SPACE 2011 but I would be there in a 2nd.
    All of her excuses about her flakiness are really funny by the way. "And the G Train…"

  40. This is a bit off-topic, but I was wondering about the second Octopus Pie book. Will it be available again? I ordered "There Are No Stars In Brooklyn" off of Amazon, and the only other book I found was "The Brownstone Companion." The seller wanted $79 for it, but I felt a little dubious about it.

  41. "There were some things I was planning and some other things almost happened and this and that, you know?" And it broke their hearts and all was forgiven.

    Honestly, as lame as Eve's excuses are, mine are similar. So, yes, I do understand, Eve. And it breaks my heart.

    1. I've been in the same boat, though I have an odd suspicion that Eve is lying.

      1. I think that's why they're sympathetic to her. Everyone at some point lets stuff go for no good reason, whether it be friends, interests or age-old guilds. We make up excuses when really we just don't care enough to keep up with it.

        Some nice cynic zen there, as per usual, courtesy of Ms. Gran.

  42. ….I think the sheer anticlimax has rendered me sterile.

  43. Don't we all crave a higher quality of drama, even epic quality (no cliché intended) in what we do for money? Baristas, 'health' shop workers students, all seekers of the better social codification. I enjoy the dénoument(s) in your narratives – truth via fiction, without too much cruelty.

  44. Someone explain "the G train" to my ignorant mind, please?

    1. The G train is the only NYC subway train that does not pass through Manhattan. Most of the line passes through Brooklyn, though its northern two stops are in Queens. It is notoriously inefficient and riders experience long waiting times.

    2. It's also extremely short for a subway train (only 6 cars instead of the usual 10) and it is affectionately(?) known as the "'G'host" train because of it's evasiveness. That said it has a rockin' lime green color scheme.

  45. Eve got a positive resolu-*head explodes*

  46. Aww, this is so cute.
    They're understanding/gullible

  47. "Holy shit," thinks Eve in the last panel. "I have a beard fetish."

  48. Panel 6. I don't think I've ever seen Eve make that face before.

  49. I do the exact same thing when I have to meet with a professor or TA.
    Works every time. B)

  50. I'm so confused but I feel like if it were to be explained to me it would no longer be funny.

  51. …I wonder how it feels to be hugged by someone with a long beard.

  52. "…and… the G Train?" I often end my complicated explanations like this.

  53. This… must be… the most brilliant comic I've seen for this site.

  54. I love Jane in panels 7 and 8. I think I like her more than Jack, actually.

  55. Fantastic :3 I have hope for Ning and Jack.

  56. Beardman has the power of invisibility.

  57. The opportunity for a short film based on Barista culture (The Cortado Codex?) and goofy mock-secrecy is pretty rich.
    Maybe Portlandia already tackled it. Of course, who knows how much influence Meredith Gran has had on the production of Portlandia? Maybe someday a set of the crew will catch up with her, demanding this bizarre kind of public explanation – oooh! – at a comics fest, perhaps?
    I hope this doesn't seem disrespectful of your departing Portland, MG. Maybe that will all look more useful with time – or with another Octopus Pie story. All I can say is- THANK YOU for not putting more of Olly in this chapter! Love it!

  58. I love blaming my problems on the G Train because everyone in Brooklyn unquestionably understands.


  60. Stop taking off your sunglasses! Lol

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