#426 – stand clear of the closing doors

This is the last Octopus Pie strip for the year. Have a wonderful holiday and see you in 2011.

100 thoughts on “#426 – stand clear of the closing doors

  1. Did she want to forget Park or Will?! Oh my goodness.

    1. probably both

      1. Definately Will considering the context.

  2. Yessss, thank you! Happy New Year and have a great holiday!

  3. Poor Eve…. life never came easy for her.

    Dont worry, not everything in your life will be so sad

  4. Shit, what a way to end 2010. Everything's been top notch (art/story/characters) this arc, and this is a hell of a way to end it. Thanks for all the work you put into Octopus Pie.

  5. Oh my god, why would she eat that?

    1. Oh Eve. This is why Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is just a movie. I know what it's like to just want to forget someone because you feel like it'd be easier.

      Thank you for another amazing year, Meredith. I hope you and everyone else who happens on this little comment has a wonderful holiday season.

      1. D'oh, I meant that to be it's own comment. I call party foul on myself.

    2. The whole point was that it didn't work. It was like a placebo for Marigold but Eve – well, Eve doesn't really want to forget.

      It's been a WONDERFUL YEAR. You rarely miss an update; your pages are always beautiful; and you're an amazing story teller. 🙂 <3

      1. But Marigold didn't know that the cookie was supposed to make her forget; there's no way it could have been a placebo. It was just a cookie to her.

        What seems more likely is that the cookie was for Hanna's sake, to make her feel like she was helping a friend or to make her feel less guilty about setting Mari up with someone who just ended up hurting her, because as she said she felt that Mari needed to be "protected" from the pain of the break-up, and given that she felt it was her responsibility to do so that suggests she's had some deep-seated guilt gnawing at her for a while.

        I think Marigold is a lot more mature than Hanna gives her credit for. Maybe Eve realized that, or maybe she decided that using magic voodoo cookies to make your friends forget one another is a bad thing, morally speaking. :3

        Then again, I could be over-analyzing. It's all up for interpretation. 😀

        1. Well the cookie is a placebo, no doubt, but most likely, as you said, it's for Hanna.

          It's like the "easy way out"

          Why apologize to Marigold and stay out of her romantic life, when she can use a weird cookie and pretend that after feeding it to her, Mari will forget everything? Also gives her a nice "alibi" to keep on meddling on Marigold's (and everyone else's) life

          And since Marigold doesn't know that the cookie is supposed to make her forget, she will never confront Hanna about it either.

  6. Oh man. Poor Marigold… She never forgot a thing.

    1. you have to remember to learn!

  7. I don't think any of them forgot anything. I mean, the fact that Eve said Hanna is so full of shit, is because the cookie probably doesn't work.

    1. You never really know if eve forgot a relationship at this point. She could have forgotten Park instead of Will … it could have the effect of forgetting your first or most recent relationship. On top of that it might have a different effect on someone who knows what they are going to do.

      1. And technically, Eve was never in a relationship with Will! She just kissed him.

        1. And fucked him. They are FWBO.

  8. Congrats on your move, and thanks for a great year of comics. And Hanna being full of it … should come as no surprise! 😉

  9. Wow, that's really powerful. And sad!

    And I am so shocked, that's all I got.

  10. Wow… I second the lat comment… powerful.

    This strip is so much more than a comic

  11. Eve, you're such a badass.

  12. Thanks for a great year of comics, I can't wait to see what 2011 brings.

  13. I love how you manage to thwart all our guessing. Every comic is a surprise, and you're kind of amazing, Meredith.

  14. Pssssssst… A Manhattan-bound J train would say "Broad St" on the side. Or Chambers on the weekend. All the same, thanks for another swell year of fun!

    1. it does say Chambers st, it's just wrtten very small.

      1. I just now saw that. I was reading it as one of the electronic displays. I retract my misinterpretation.

  15. Poor Marigold nothing. Forgetting everything that has happened to her would be awful, even if that means remembering emotional pain suffered through break-ups.

    Beautifully ended arc, Gran.

  16. I want to give Eve the biggest hug right now. Merry Christmas indeed.

  17. I wanna it more. Poor Eve, pooor Marigold, Poor Will. I wanna eat the cookie =p

  18. Sometimes I wonder if having a way to forget things that happened would make me the person I am now. I guess it's not worth trying to forget if it'll hopefully make me stronger in the end, for better or worse.

    Beautiful ending to this arc, Miss Gran. May the holidays treat you well.

    [A quick note, I am studying to be an animator in San Jose State University, and you are such an inspiration.]

  19. wow 🙂 so that makes marigold seem all the stronger now – and eve a little weaker… nice way to go out – had a good laugh thanks to hanna too 😀

    merry christmas to everyone and thank you meridith for your great great comic! please please carry on – you are one of the best out there

  20. I don't know why, yet, but this made me a bit sad. 😐

  21. Best comic on the internet.

  22. Eve in panel 9 broke my cold Christmas heart.

    In the best possible way.


  24. O Eve.

  25. Meredith: I hav to tell you, you are AMAZING, I hope everything goes great for you next year, that you bring us your fans more awesome octopus pie. And that everythig you want to do gets done! In advance I'll say Merry Christmas And HAppy New Year!!! I hope I see you next year @ Comic-ConSD

    1. *LOL I misspelled my name 😛

  26. Oh man… this comic.

  27. This comic is so ridiculously good. I hope you enjoy the rest of the year Meredith!

  28. So… many… emotions… Dammit, Mer, I hate how good you are at doing this!

    (Also: Merry Christmas Eve / Merry Christmas, Eve? Oh, how excellent! And tragic!)

    1. SecretlyASuperhero

      that's what i was gonna say!! (the christmas, Eve part :P)

  29. I thought Hanna only made one burnout cookie, if Eve ate it what did she give Marigold……..

    Awesome comic Meredith!!! I'm looking forward to the wonderful stories and art we are sure to see next year!!

  30. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH Cliff hanger! I'm really lovin' this story, the art is great and I think this is the perfect strip to be the last one for the year. Really looking forward to the next strip!

  31. Beaton face alert in panel five.

    I tried to think of a way that Hanna was really knew this and was somehow some kind of tricksy mastermind throughout the whole thing, but my brain is too shot right now and I just confused myself in the process, so I'm just gonna go with her genuinely believing the biscuit story.

    1. You're right. That's a total fat pony face. :3

  32. Very nice storytelling.

    You're missing a rainy xmas in PDX area, but your move was a good idea.

  33. Fantastic. Thanks for a great year, Meredith. <3

  34. The cookie is a lie. A delicious, buttery, indulgent lie!

  35. PERFECT! Thank you for making my year, Meredith.

  36. Have you been waiting to do that alt-tag pun all year? Because it's great.

    1. hehe

      1. I literally just got that. Doy. Eve Ning.

  37. Merry Christmas, Eve.

  38. Last panel: second-best line of the entire arc (second only to Marigold's "I made you a Hanukkah present […]".)

    1. Also, now I know what the NYC equivalent of Berlin's "Zurückbleiben, bitte" ist 😀 Thanks!

  39. Also, love Eve's biscuit-holding technique in panel six.

  40. Eve eating the cookie* (of Lethe) is a rich Muppets-as-directed-by-Frank Capra moment. But, as with all the great moments it somehow doesn't break away from the overall balance of joy and melancholy in OP's ability to relate the painful and baneful, the cupid and the stupid, the plain and the insane things that can happen in literature while connecting underground (like Con-Edison lines) to life.

    It's a wonderful comic – Merry Christmas, Meredith.

    PS loved the Sliding Doors reference.

    *We call them 'scones' in Toronto when they're that shape. The scone of oblivion?

  41. Well played, Ms. Gran.

    Well played.

    — MrJM

  42. Best punchline? Or best punchline EVER?

  43. Yes. I don't know how you do it, but OP manages to be the least predictable, most relatable, and bizarrely realistic comic I have ever read. And my absolute favorite web-comic of all time.

    For me, 2010 is now complete. Thank you.

    1. i'm seconding all that shit

  44. Hearts to you, Meredith! Thank you for continuing to provide such a great comic to us all. I am rooting for Eve in 2011! 🙂

  45. i take the J every day! glad to see it's now a hallowed landmark filled to the brim with eve ning's self-inflicted sorrow!

    that and hobo shit.

  46. That top right panel has some serious German expressionist cinematography camera angle mojo going on.

  47. THE ALCHEMIST LIED!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. well duh 😛 if they didnt, shit would be made out of gold… literally

  48. You know people aren't going to stop hating Marigold even after this. As for me, I love the everything about this but can't help think about what happens when friends don't trust each other enough for it to work out.

  49. Why no cute Hanukka-clava in these panels? It'd be so cozy in present European winter 🙁

  50. this is hands down the most beautifully told story of its kind on the web. i've read it through twice & each update has such substance and lovely weight. thank you so much for putting in the hours & sharing.

  51. Thanks for making this year so full of joy, Meredith. <3

  52. A great end to this arc and the year.

    The last panel is very funny.

  53. Every day I love this comic more and more. Thank you, Meredith! And a happy new year for you too!

  54. So, first I was “Woah, what the heck!”, then I was “phew, thank goodness”, but then I was “wait, what?”

    I guess given the emotional turmoil here, it’s a very awesome comic. 🙂

  55. Thanks for a damned entertaining year of comics.

    Only started reading this, ooh, around six months ago.

    Mainly drawn in by the odd title.


    All the best to you in the new year.

  56. Wait. Did Eve have two brownies?

  57. daaaaaaaaaam

    this comic is awesome

    Trey from Philly

  58. hahahhaahhaha great way to end the year!

    thanks for the lols and also deep moments. 🙂

  59. me and will live on the same stop

    rent is mad cheap

  60. Little known fact: the J train is the dedicated short cartoon people train.

  61. Maybe they were both normal cookies?

  62. Random, but what happened with the trippy looking cat comic that was posted a little while back?

    The one where Hanna eats some crazy baked goods and starts trippin?

    1. It was just a guest comic; no relation to the storyline as far as I know

  63. Addendum: Love Eve furiously munching the cookie in panel 6.

  64. I've got to say, this is a very powerful comic.

    I was drawn in when I was reading "Questionable Content," and I noticed that Mr. Jaques was featured here. Since then, I have read your entire archive of comics and I am very impressed. I enjoy your work very much. Thanks for the time, and keep it up!

  65. Coincidence on the name to the previous poster, but my story is exactly the same. Love the comics : )

  66. I finally read the entire archive and what a way to end it. I'll see you in the new year.

  67. amsterofinobvious

    Firstly love your work Meredith may it only get better in the New year

    secondly I JUST realized (thanks to your pun); Eve Ning and Mor Ning. evening and morning. trippy.plus theyre mountains which adds a whole NEW depth.

    1. and their Mom's first name is Dawn. Dawn Ning. 🙂

      Still hasn't revealed their dad's name. I'm hoping for Oh. Oh Ning. 🙂

    2. Lol… I had never thought of that before XD

    3. If you'd like your mind to be blown a little bit more, mount Everest is in the east and mount Rushmore in the west, so the sun rises in the Eve Ning and sets in the Mor Ning. 😀 Hehehe.

  68. I just realized, maybe the brownout biscuit does work. How would you ever know? Because if you forgot, you wouldn't realize that you had forgotten.

  69. Eve looks really young here.

    Great comic though! I got into this comic this year, so thank you very much for your work, Meredith Gran 🙂

    1. I mean, 2010.

  70. I am new here, just started reading your comics and love them! Don't think anyone will read all the way down here, but I think Hanna made up the crazy story, completely on the spot, to set up Eve and Marigold meeting for coffee. The only one that thought the cookie was magic was Eve.

    Beautifully written! 🙂

  71. Perhaps Hanna lied about the magical scone, knowing full well Eve would plunder it?

  72. I wonder if Hanna knee Eve was going to eat it instead…

  73. "Merry Christmas Eve" that alt text was so fucking beautiful.

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