#413 – i hate hipsters

I'm currently in Easthampton, MA preparing for the New England Webcomics Weekend, so forgive me if comics are slow for a few days. It's going to be worth it, because the event will be great. If you live in the area - or plan to travel, if you're feeling adventurous - I hope I'll see you there!

99 thoughts on “#413 – i hate hipsters

  1. Greg looks so fulfilled, there. And I also thought it was some kinda teen wolf thing.

    1. everybody did

      that was the joke

  2. last panel made me lol, also loved eve's reaction to the "fruit of the loom" comment. silly hipsters

  3. Countess Marks would probably have exploded if Marek had said he was the Jason Bateman Teen Wolf Mk. II

  4. I feel the same way as Eve. I tend to regard hipsters with little to no fondness. And yet somehow I think my snobbery against hipster makes me pretty much a hipster myself.

    Still, that old lady has a few screws loose either way.

  5. This made me laugh after reading the comments the readers put after the first page of this story about if marik was Teen wolf or Werewolf MJ and that Eve was a froot of the loom character.

    1. Me too! I'm curious to know if they planned that before or used the readers' comments

  6. Holycrap

    I just had a revelation about hipsters, and this comic has FINALLY helped me understand "what they are"!

    I love this comic.

    1. Please share. As is, Hipsters frighten and confuse me. Confused because I can't tell when they are just pretending to like crappy beer and terrible fashions. Frightening because I fear they are actually that way…

      1. As I understand it, being a hipster means forgetting which of the two it was.

      2. The way I see it, hipsters are one of the two responses to not wanting to grow up. (The other one is, of course, the perpetual college student). Hipsters can keep that high school clique mentality, while sort of being part of the real world. They have the freedom to make immature choices, and they often do. If they weren't so shunned by the rest of society, I would LOVE to be a hipster. But I'm already a professional student. ^_^;;


    This was pretty fucking awesome.

  8. So wait, Hanna's Astro Boy didn't offend Countess Marks too?! Something's not right…

    1. Hanna also hasn't been seen since the disco ball comic… >_>

    2. What's insincere about Astroboy?

  9. You can always tell a hipster by how offended she gets when you call her a hipster 🙂

    It's great how the costumes played a role in the story. Also, how Miss Marks elbow-checks Will in the last panel. I guess her hot-button issue is the cultural devaluation of irony!

    1. you can always tell a hipster by

      1. i had some text between angle brackets there but it's probably better this way

      2. You can always tell a hipster 'bye'….

  10. SHE HAS A GUN!!!

  11. Eve can't catch a break.

    1. Yeah I know, right? Even I thought she was one of the "Fruit of the Loom Guys" (boing!) when I saw her costume the first time ('cuz I'm ancient). Her frustration here is my delight.

  12. I dressed up as a hipster on Halloween.

    My friends all gave me the evil eye.

    1. My friend was a hipster for halloween. I lol'd XD

  13. This is like a Scooby-Doo episode ending… except 100 times better and with more hipsters. =D

    1. The Scooby-Doo shows could have used a lot more gruesome murders per episode. In fact, I'd be willing to invest money in an animated show with a Scooby-Doo-like cast that died horribly every episode, because that is something I believe many people would want to see.

  14. The cruelest cut of all to Ghost Eve

  15. Every Halloween, the Great Pumpkin will RISE out of the pumpkin patch he deems the most sincere! Look at this pumpkin patch, just look around, nothing but sinceri- HEY IS THAT A REFERENCE? AUGH!!!

  16. Oh, and by the way, I made and wore Eve's costume when I went trick or treating. I got 'Fruit of the Loom' too, but I was just like, 'Nope, just grapes. :-I'

    1. … i spent a bit of hallowen saying "everything is not from something else!" i also met a gal in a costume similar to eve's, but since was holding a hammer she was "grapes of wrath". yeah.

      i kinda sense there's a 'doth protest too much' element with this hipster hate.

      **adjusts american apparel glitter stretch pants**

    2. haha ruined it!

      you were 'grapes, from webcomic octopus pie'

  17. Ghost Eve's hair is awesome.

  18. In the last couple years, hipster has ultimately come to mean "someone whose tastes I disagree with."

  19. That was the funniest Octopus Pie yet. And I've read 'em all.

  20. The Avatar burn is wonderful, and Eve's reaction to Miss Marks' description of her costume killed me. Love that the Countess just plain old doesn't like hipsters; that almost puts me in her court by default even though she's offing characters I like. That says something. Not sure what, but something.

  21. This page made me smile, as soon as I saw it, a big cheeky grin.

    I love mystery stories, so it was the reveal.

  22. Hunter S. Thompson

    What about Astrohannah?

  23. So, I go to Hampshire College (I'm soo excited for Webcomics Weekend!!), and so not only are me and my friends surrounded by hipsters, and probably hipsters ourselves, but we also have recurring intellectual debates over what it means to be hipster, the implications of mainstream hipster-dom, and, of course "Evan, you are such a friggin hipster!" The current question of interest: does dressing up as a hipster *ironically* for halloween then turn you into a hipster? Is this a paradox?

  24. I saw a girl dressed up as grapes on Halloween and my immediate thought was "EVE" rather than grapes or Fruit of the Loom. Does that make me… a hipster? D:

  25. What the hell was Will dressed as then? I thought he was dressed like a hipster!!

    1. Will was Lt. Aldo Rayne, Brad Pitt's character in Inglourious Basterds.

  26. HIPSTERS!!!

    Thank you for having the same hatred in them as I do.

  27. Well, OF COURSE the killer is the owner of the "haunted" house. I am such a moron. *shame*

  28. Eve's hair is sooo cute<333

    and omg lol fruit of the loom xD

    poor greg, he takes insults into compliments haha

    1. To nerds, hipster is a step up.

  29. A. I am loving the Teen Wolf – Michael Jackson bit there at the end. I didn't realize he wasn't Teen Wolf until I saw the 'M'.

    2. Greg's expression made my day.

    3. The Avatar burn made my week.

    4. Buh. Hipster talk. To me, people who are counter counter-culture are just as annoying as the counter-culture people.

    1. That first one should be a 1. Either my English is corrupting my math or my math is corrupting my English.

  30. Oh wow. Will's eyes in the first panel…


  31. According to Google, "hipster," is defined as:

    A mid coverage panty, which rests lower on the hip than a brief. the rise is shorter, so the waistline of the hipster is well below the navel. A hipster is a perfect solution for wearing under low cut jeans.

    That is why Eve is dead.

  32. Please oh please let Eve enter her Ultimate Form to answer these insults to her honour.

    Also Marek.

  33. This comic is kind of an awesome commentary on the whole "hipster vs. hipster backlash" thing, 'cause with the exception of Greg, she's either misidentified the costumes of her victims (Eve, Sean, and Marek when she mistakenly spared him), or misconstrued their reasons for wearing them (Marigold apparently LIKES that movie you guys!). So you know, next time you see that skinny beardo with the tight pants and the horn-rim glasses drinking a PBR at a show, don't tear into his jugular with a broken bottle on impulse. Because maybe he enjoys that stuff for, like, I don't know… sentimental reasons.

    This murderous hag in the bearsuit has taught us all.

    1. you're a beacon of reason in the dark ocean of the internet.

  34. wait, disco duck? i thought puget sean was supposed to be finn from adventure time with finn and jake.

    1. SecretlyASuperhero

      he is, but the countess chick is referring to how sean is a tv character and yet duznt even own a tv, or have cable to watch adventuretime so ya 🙂

      1. *facepalm* now i gets it.

        thanks. how freakin' sweet is adventure time btw?

        1. SecretlyASuperhero

          its radical!



          and lumping righteous!

          ir we share the same sense of humor that is

        2. SecretlyASuperhero

          *if…not "ir". wtf is "ir"??!

        3. we totes do, adventure time has completely ruined my vocabulary in the greatest way. example, i just said "totes".

  35. the one thing hipsters and non-hipsters love to talk about and agree upon is probably how much they hate hipsters.

    1. Hating hipsters is played out. Have a Tecate Light and worry bout other things.

      1. Seeing how I was saying exactly the same thing you were, I'm surprised why you even bothered with these comments anyway? Since your mind is obviously worrying about more important, wordly things. When being snarky, you probably shouldn't also be hypocritical.

        1. I think the moment I start identifying people I know in categories that passive-aggressive, I may as well go back to high school.

          It's fine in a comic, of course – LMHAO.

  36. HAHA

    fucking hipsters

    also I also totally guessed marek's costume wrong. I thought he was teen wolf too! oh well i guess I'm an old person

  37. this lady better darn well die in an ironic way thats all i'm sayin ..

    banana peel? arcade fire mosh pit trampling? piano falling out of the sky?

    hrmn ..

  38. I thought he was MJ wolf!!

    Poor Eve she shouldn't have died…

  39. "Oh hey Teen Wolf, we were just talking about you!"

    "Course you was bitch I'm motherfucking Teen Wolf!"

  40. Nostalgia might be one of the worst reasons to like or support anything.

    Dead Eve's hair looks like sex hair. Especially in the last panel of #409.

  41. I love how Greg is soooo happy that he is cool enough to be called a hipster.

    Hipster pride! luhlz

  42. btw, Countess Marks is a huge fucking hipster.

  43. I love how Will is way more pissed off about his shitty party than his dead friends. Not really the best host mentality.

  44. You know, I kinda hope Marek and Hanna die. I want to see ghost them. The ghost OP cast is insanely cuter than living OP cast.

    1. I dunno, Puget Sean seems to be immune to this postmortem cuteness.

  45. I have read all of Octopus pie in about 3 days. You. Are. An awesome brilliant and all round amazing person for making this. The expressions, characters, storylines all are sheer brilliance! I absolutely love this webcomic. (and dear god hanna and marek are fantastic!)

  46. "it's a really IMPORTANT movie you guys!"

    ha ha perfect

  47. So, any time I want hipsters to get away from me I can just play Iron Maiden? Awesome.

  48. MOAR UPDATES! I desperately need more OP in my life. This is all just too good.

  49. That's pretty much how I react in my head when people call me a hipster, too. Which I think makes me a terrible person, but whatever.

  50. NEWW is full of win so far!

  51. Haha. Meredith is definitely from Portland all right. Ohhh, Hipsters.

  52. This comic made me laugh. Poor Hipsters indeed.

    Portland is filled with Hipsters… Wait which Portland? Oregon or Main?

    I hear both have a lot of Hipsters.

  53. Huh..I've never really considered Maine as being a place hipsters come from–but I suppose they come from everywhere, hiding in cracks and crevices fo their hyped up scorn for the rest of us 😛

  54. I love this comic. It is hilarious. 😀

  55. I predict an Astro Boy to drop out of the rafters and kick an ass or two, with lots of pew pew sounds

  56. The line between Portland hipsters and Brooklyn hipsters is a fine one.

  57. Now pull the SECOND mask off!

  58. Who is conspicuously absent from this room?

    Eve is totally up to something. I doubt she's the killer, since she doesn't have any sort of motive (unless these deaths are all somehow fake and part of her party planning?). But if she doesn't appear in the next comic and change the momentum of the plot significantly, I'd be very surprised.

    1. Eve is totally floating in the background. She's up to say. "Hipster Casper".

      1. I think he meant Hanna.

    2. I think he meant Hannah.

      Hannah is the one who's been missing for the past few strips. I wonder where she could be. La-di-da.

  59. So this is a story about a hipster killing hipsters with different tastes. Makes sense.

  60. And she would have gotten away with it, if not for those meddling kids!

  61. I am just dying for an update! I found Octopuspie way late in the game and got spoiled because I had so much to read.

    1. I feel ya. Just give it a little more and you'll make it.

  62. Cliffhanger for a week and a half! I'm dying here!

  63. Oh the irony, what with just being plain, old, non-referential grapes and thus having the most sincere costume.

  64. Miss Marks' mis-assessment and Eve's reaction is the greatest laugh out loud I've had to date with this strip. Awesome!

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