#411 – torture chamber

Now I'm thirsty. We're approaching a climax! But will this Halloween horror story wrap up before the actual holiday? No, definitely not.

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  1. Will looks desperate to help.

    1. SecretlyASuperhero

      haha i know huh?? oh she's drowning…should i help her? nah i'll just scream out her name dramatically

  2. Huh, guess I was wrong.

  3. PBR?!?!?!


    1. WHAT KIND OF VILE, DEPRAVED MIND DOES THAT? A DROWNING POOL OF PBR? INSULT TO INJURY. I mean, if it were urine, it'd smell better and probably have more alcohol. If it were acid, at least that has some cred. Instead, it's.. it's… Possibly the worst way to die ever.

  4. Cheap liquid gold? To die in wealth of spirit.

  5. That's how I wanted to go when I was 19.

  6. Peanut Butter? Eddy from Iron Maiden? A navi dying? Good times.

  7. Oh wait, Past Blue Ribbon, even MOAR good times

    1. Pabst Blue Ribbon

    2. lol ya I read that phonetically the first time too, I was like "Peanut butter? How is she sinking that fast?"


  8. is that a torture device that dangles an iPhone just beyond your reach? A terrible death to die.

    Also, Listening to Iron Maiden… IN and Iron Maiden. A hilariously ironic fate.

    1. Too bad it's not actually ironic, but whatever.

      1. It is if you're an Iron Maiden fan.

        1. Do all you asshats even know what "ironic" means, or do you enjoy just slinging words around for the past 400 comics?

        2. iiironyyyyy……. lol jk

  9. Apparently, Marigold can't swim, or can't swim in alcohol.

  10. Being forced to wear headphones and listen to Iron Maiden, while INSIDE an iron maiden?

    We are dealing with a master of irony here.

  11. I didn't know alcohol had quicksand-like properties….

    Also, the summary saying this won't end in time for Halloween made me laugh.

  12. Sorry, silly question……..is Will wearing a skirt?

    1. its just a long jacket

  13. Bwhaha. The torture devices are great. 😀

  14. how about being "stuck" inside an iron maiden, while being forced to watch bill & teds excellent adventure with said reference on repeat? :p

  15. Will. The party? Let it go.

    And this torture chamber…the iPhone (or similar device), irony maiden (*snerk*), Pabst Blue Ribbon bath. It has "hipster" written all over it.

    DONOVAN!! J'accuse!! (or, should that be "Je t'accuse?" My French is a bit rusty)

    1. That would be "je t'accuse", although if you want to go all Emile Zola-esque on the guy, you could also say: "J'accuse Donovan!"

      – resident Frenchperson (among other nationalities)

    2. Je t'accuse is correct!

      Donovan's an asshole, but I'm still holding out for Manuel. Cats are evil.

    3. dammit, you're right!! it IS an irony maiden!! which is in and of itself ironic!

  16. You got somethin' against the Maiden? Huh? HUH?!

    1. I tryied once to listen "The Number of the Beast". I really wish I liked it. But I didn't.

      And they kind of sucks. Sorry, pal.

      1. They have plenty of other songs, like Two Minutes to Midnight or The Trooper. Try those.

      2. How could you Andre. How. Could. You.

      3. Just because you don't like it doesn't mean it sucks. They're incredibly talented musicians whether their music appeals to you or not.

  17. Oh Merrydeath, you've outdone yourself yet again…

    1. If Marigold is at all awesome, she'll pop up during the climax, having drunk her way to the ground, to save Will and Marek from certain death.

  18. C'mon champ, just drink your way to solid ground.

    If it's Donovan do I win a priiize? o3o

  19. Yeah, there be some excellent hipster contrapasso up in he-yah.

    1. I don't really get the whole hipster thing but will dress up as one for Halloween so that I totally get the chance to drink a PBR in a sort of ironic reference to people drinking PBR Ironically. Then I will put on my too small children's sunglasses and Jean Baudrillard will ejaculate in his grave.

  20. The Iron Maiden album just sitting innocently on the shelf…… I love it.

  21. Not sure I would drink beer, or anything for that matter, that I literally stumbled upon in an underground torture chamber. But I suppose if you're on the way out, a taste couldn't hurt!

  22. Drowning in a beer unfit for consumption – equals being consumed.

    Is that Eve's Narc-y ex hanging up there?

  23. Getting a crazy Vincent Price movie vibe from this.

    I like it.

    1. Yep, "The House on Hipster Hill."

  24. I love the iron maiden that you may listen to Iron Maiden in.

  25. Great quote:

    "This party is somehow going to be FUN"

  26. Heh, House on a Haunted Hill.

  27. Dying in Pabst.

    There has never ben a more awesome way to go.

  28. If you can't dislocate your own shoulder in order to reach an iPhone, then you don't deserve an iPhone.

  29. This comic is now being referenced in the Wikipedia page for PBR. Awesome.

  30. "Do you remember the fun we had when you poisoned me?"

    Great comic.

  31. What's next, death by ironic t-shirt? We've got falling on impractical art, impaled by disco lasers and now PBR. It's like a hipster hell house.

  32. Oh man, I just have this to say: I began reading this truly wonderful, charming, fantastic comic last night. I have spend about 6 consecutive hours to read up to this point. It feels both immensely satisfying, yet a moment passes and I feel the crushing reality that I must now wait for the next update. *sniff*

    But seriously, Mer, Octopus Pie has to be the best webcomic, if the best comic, I have read to date. Cartoonish, whimsical, ironic, sarcastic, and realistic, with sprinklings of pop-culture references here and always constant believable dialog, with characters that the reader cares about. Not to mention exceptional illustrations, blending reality with cartoon. Brilliant.

    1. *I have _spent_*


      1. After that much reading/laughing, you _should_ be spent!

        1. Well played.

  33. Ahaha, I think I see the theme to this torture chamber. c:

  34. I am enjoying these ENTIRELY too much to grade midterms right now.

  35. it was all worth it for that "thp" panel.

  36. "I never expected to die at all" Oh Marigold

  37. Wow.

    This comic rocks.


    does the next page come out the 31st???

  38. Love the Iron Maiden iron maiden!

  39. Who can save them, now? Could it be… Victor?

    "I am the Hipster Whisperer."

  40. I just caught up after reading this whole comic in pretty much one sitting…can anyone tell me how often it gets updated? I'm dying for more.

    (ha. halloween joke.)

    (i suck.)

    1. SecretlyASuperhero


      its supposed to be every monday, wednesday, and friday, i believe…but where was the friday update?? XC

  41. "Iron Maiden! Excelleeeeeeeent!"

    1. finally, someone gets it 🙂

  42. OOOHH…

    Hurrhurr, I just figured out that Marigold is supposed to be a Na'vi.

    Awesome comic, I'm loving the hipster torture chamber. xD

  43. LOL Iron Maiden…

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