#407 – going downhill fast

While traveling on the east coast, I've been drawing the past few comics on Cintiq screens generously lent out by friends. It's admittedly not as enjoyable for me as ink and brush, but it's also a far less roundabout system for the road. So yay, digital! Enjoy your Monday! I'm going to catch some more autumn.

42 thoughts on “#407 – going downhill fast

  1. lol'd @ "she loved being angry"

    also, hooray for temporary cintiq usage… means we got to see an awesome screencast! thx mer! 🙂

    1. same here; that line is just too great.

    2. I also loved that lin.

  2. Really digging this story! Also, very funny seeing Marigold in an Avatar costume. There's a Halloween store near my house with one in the window that I pass every day. Gives me a chuckle.

  3. Oh and still no Greg I see..

  4. Every time I am angry I will think of her =*(

    LOVE the "maybe it was suicide!!!1! because of desperate misery1!!!!" panel.

  5. I look forward to witnessing Puget Sean's understanding of what constitutes proper horror-movie behavior:

    "Hey, the lights all went out! I guess we should just sit here and wait for them to come back on!"

    "Hmm, look at this weird mechanical contraption. I'm going to turn it on, okay?"

    "Oh, look, it was just a cat that jumped out! Well, that's a relief. Let's all relax for three seconds or so."

    "I've got it: We all get naked and have sex."

    1. I, for one, would not want to witness Puget Sean having sex. That's just me, though.

  6. oh man oh man. i hate murder mystery parties and i really don't want ning to be dead.

  7. Every panel was full of laughter for me.

  8. Marigold did it

  9. "Hello? Anyone here?……Okay I'm gonna get naked and take a shower; what's going on?"-Pablo Francisco

  10. This is turning out to be equal parts of a Moebius action nightmare and a classic murder mystery. The cue for me is that little part up there where I can see a bit of Eve sticking out, on top of that horror fountain/centeriece. It makes me notice the rest of the eerie parts.

  11. DUN DUN DUNNNNN!!! *dramatic effect*

  12. I totally just saw an inflatable grape costume at a halloween store, lmfao.

  13. Do I see a bit of the Mystery Inc. gang in this five? I think I do!

  14. "She loved being angry"

    Things aren't getting any better for dead Ning. =|

  15. "She loved being angry" sounds like a compliment to me… I hope to have that on my headstone one day.

  16. Wow. The OP gang gets pretty cold when they're not in canon.

    1. why isn't this canonical? i think it is – but that ning's not really dead. it's just the death that triggers the murder mystery portion of the party…i.e. planned in advance to look like she's dead.

  17. Oh, the tension!

  18. Ning is faking everybody out. She is the real murderer, and she's going to pick everyone off for constantly thinking thinking here grape costume is from something! Muahahaha!

  19. Aww, she loved being angry. That's so sweet. I can see that on someone's tombstone.

    In other news…Sean is Fred? What?

  20. I love Hanna as Astro Boy because it reminds me of Calvin as Astro Boy.


  22. Attn: Hanna & Will – There is a dead person laying atop some statuary in the main hall. I'd say the night is fully ruined, and the party has gone as far downhill as a party can go while remaining a party.

    Also, if it's "optimistic" to believe that Eve's death is a suicide, I think I'd rather be pessimistic too.

    1. Yep, those are the jokes!

      1. I'm aware of that, but all the GOOD comments were taken.

    2. Yeah, they sure are taking the gruesome death of a supposed friend pretty lightly. Nobody's checking for a pulse (though "eye X's" may count) or thought of calling an ambulance or anything. It'll be hard to pinpoint the murderer among all the sociopaths.

  23. That last panel gave me a good laugh.

  24. The other half of Hanna's oreo did it.

    Also, lol @ panel 4, 7, and scrollover text.

  25. Hmm, interesting turn for the series … killing off the lead character.

  26. I like the fact that even Puget Sean doesn't know who Greg is, even though they had coordinating Adventure Time costumes.

    1. Greg's costume was not from Adventure Time

  27. Marigold did it! Because she knows Eve is still the light of Will's heart and COULDN'T TAKE IT. So she tricked Puget Sean into helping her, but Greg found out about their plans and they had to take him out too.

    And the ONLY ONE LEFT will be Marek.

  28. Hanna as "Astro Boy" cracks me up every time I see her.

  29. I saw this and instantly thought of pre-mutilated Eve!

  30. Merideth Gran you are a badass. Havent read the comic in months due to no pooter, glad to be back. BADDDDASSSS.

  31. Is he Antoine Le Blanc???

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