#402 – chex

That's the end of this chapter, but perhaps not the end of this arc. What's going to happen next? I dare say it's going to be a little bit sad. What ISN'T going to be sad is the next month of comics, which I assure you will be very festive. Starting Monday: fun stuff!

64 thoughts on “#402 – chex

  1. actionshakespeare

    i would not mind seeing a comic from larry's perspective if it were all drawn like panel 6.

    1. It seems very Scott Pilgrim to me… but I see Scott Pilgrim in everything. 😀

      1. Scott Pilgrim Was An Amazing Comic, Like I Never Saw The Movie Because I Thought It Would Ruin The Comic In My Eyes, Even Though People Who Both Read Or Never Read The Comic Thought It Was Great To Watch.

        1. It was great to watch! Watch it now, for your life!

        2. No, don't. The movie was alright in itself, but then you realize it's based off the comic, and you get depressed.

  2. Panel 6 is awesome! Dude!

    I bet it was the remaining feelings scenario.

  3. I like how Larry says "aw" before Will even says how it went – they talked, it wasn't boning, that's too bad!

  4. I like Larry less every time he opens his mouth.

    1. Seriously.

    2. …what? Seriously? Why?

      1. One of the most glaringly obvious reasons is what he says in the first panel here.

    3. I actually find myself liking Larry a little more each time he talks.

  5. A part of me thinks Will is being a jerk though. I know people are shooting for Will/Eve, and for a little while I thought it might be a good idea too, but now I think Will will only hurt Eve. I genuinely like Eve, she's my favorite character. In all seriousness, if this was my circle of friends, and I found out about Will jumping from one chic to another because he's confused and can't get his act together, he'd be on friend-probation.

    1. I agree. I have a friend just like that and actually a couple of our "circle" friends HAVE put him on probation! I always just voted for Will/Eve because their dialog seems to show the best communication and openness than anyone else's. Oh, and Will is unfortunately uber-cute. =P

      1. I think Will has some of the best intentions of all of the characters in Octopus Pie, but he has some of the shittiest execution I've ever witnessed. Eve is kind of the same way, except she hardly ever has the will to "execute" anything aside from the daily routine. I LOVE Will/Eve, but neither of them have grown up enough to be together… yet.

        Also, yes. He is uber-cute. *swoons*

    2. Will only gets Eve when he's redeemed all this that he's been going through. Their relationship does just seem to get better and better with time (including the talk they just had!) and that's good enough for me.

      OMG turns out Will is my identification character ++ I guess I could just be projecting hardcore.

  6. Aw, Larry, you're a good guy after all.

    Ha ha, 'You boned the Chinese girl?' I guess they had a Bro talk about it.

    I can only assume what Will talked to Eve about was something along the lines of, 'I still have feelings for you' and she gave him a, 'Thanks but no thanks.' I hope they aren't gonna stop being friends now because of it! Just because you can't bone someone doesn't mean they can't still be in your life.

  7. Am I the only one? I LIKE Larry. I feel underneath all that cheese and swagger is a guy who just genuinely wants to have fun. I think Larry's the type of guy who would do anything for a friend. Larry genuinely loves Will, and I think their friendship is good for Will –they've known each other a long time; he's a touchstone for Will for to see where he's been, who he is, and how he's acting. Plus, Larry is outside of WIll's tight (sometimes TOO tight) group of friends. He's an out, if you will.

    I love this comic so, so much. The characters have such incredible depth to them; they don't even have to speak sometimes, you can read it on their faces. Love it.

    1. I like Larry. He's a good guy, but Mer writes him well enough to have half her readers hate him. BECAUSE THAT'S HOW PEOPLE WOULD REACT TO HOW HE IS. He's a sketchy good guy. He's a bro, which can mean that he's a bit sexist and on a one track mind (ladies, money, etc.), but he's ultimately good. But people are never going to be sure he isn't actually an asshole. Because he just might be.

      1. Agreeing completely with you there, given that I know a real life Larry. (Guy even looks like him!) A social, friendly, easy-going guy who draws people into his circle with the feeling that anything is possible. And to a degree it is, given that he does whatever he feels like doing and says whatever he wants to say, may it sound tactless or not. Open towards people of all kinds. Makes you feel noticed. Makes sure everyone has a good time and stays sober to drive his friends home after a party.

        Sets off alarm bells in every guy I've talked to about him. (Women seem to have more varied opinions.) One track mind is there as well, in Micke's case – let's call him Micke, because that's his name – his job and his truck. 🙂

        And no, so far I really haven't grown any wiser about what he's 'really' like. Puzzles me to no end, and kind of ruins Octopus Pie for me, because since Larry showed up he's all I can focus on, pushing the rest of the story into the shadows. >_<

        Still: Yay Larry!

  8. I was kind of iffy about Larry until he said, "We don't need to do the book. We can do something else." Combined with his posture and expression, that was the sweetest thing I have ever seen/heard.

    Not to mention, he is kind of a happy-go-lucky Yin to Will's mopey Yang. It's nice to have someone who you can always relax with no matter what, you know? A nice break from all the drama Will experiences with all his other friends/love interests.

    And Larry is totally both of those.

    1. i'm still skeptical of larry, but you've got a point…that was sweet. i'm sorry will and eve didn't work out, but obviously she's not going to get involved with him while he's still with marigold and still selling weed (her original objection to their relationship). he's clearly never been all that into marigold – she was just convenient. moving in with larry and still being into eve and the other chick confirm that if it needed confirming. he may be a bit lost in life, but marigold is not the one. let her move on to someone else who will really love her.

  9. Nooo Will, don't retcon your memories to make them show you in a more positive light. It never ever ever ends well.

    I haven't actually read Scott Pilgrim, but this theme reminds me of what I've been told about it. :V

    1. That was Larry's memory.

      1. If you're referring to the stick figure "dude!"s, that's not what I was talking about.

  10. … Anyone else think that the reason Will thought he had to move in with Larry because of financial issues was because, subconsciously, he didn't want to move in with Marigold?

    1. Hmm, I thought that point was glaringly obvious. Before the day Marigold "shadowed" him, he said he's her boyfriend if she wants him to be. That doesn't sound like someone who's interested at all, just going along with it because he can't have what he *really* wants. Whether that's Eve or Aimee or buttsex with Larry, Will just isn't that interested with Marigold (imo.)

      I think if he wanted to be *honest*, he'd break the fuck up with her already.

      But I still feel bad for him … he looks crushed. :<

  11. :I Will you should've gone with larry's suggestion

    He's so cute it makes me sad. and you say it will get more sad! uuuuuurf update

  12. Well. Now the conservation of detail becomes important. It's glaringly obvious what Will thinks of Eve but we've seen very little of what he does with Marigold. So what are we to think?

    But with a new character comes new plot twists. What sort of catalyst will this sorta douchey but generally likable ragamuffin prove to be?

  13. Surely I'm not the first to notice that Will/Larry are developing into a sort of mirror-image of Eve/Hanna.

    1. Wait- How did I not see that?

    2. My mind. She is blown.

  14. Am I the only one who remembers Marigold totally coming onto the couch cruiser? I viewed her as the potential dishonest party, not Will — she's clearly unhappy if she's focused on changing Will from who he really is (i.e., beard, moving in, implying his place isn't as good as hers…) I like Marigold and all, but these are the facts as I seem em people.

    1. But Will made out with Eve, and and was obviously interested in Aimee. He's still the character I'll defend to the end of the earth, and I think he means the best, But he's certainly not perfect. Neither side of that relationship looks particularly well. That may be why so many of were optimistic for will/eve. (Who by the way would offset each other perfectly).

    2. Am I the only one that thought the entire Victor story was surreal and not meant to be serious at all?

      1. Yeah, maybe Victor is just that mystically and irreparably attractive! But yeah, Marigold has some issues that needs to be sorted out.

        Everyone has issues! That's why I love this comic. Except maybe Marek, he's just that one guy who is just that awesome and likable. (I know at least a couple people like this, unfortunately mostly acquaintances).

    3. The Night makes me snarky, sorry.

  15. Maybe Will was clarifying his relationship with Eve. They've had a general feeling of the two of them eventually being right for each other floating around so maybe he clarified to her that they're only going to be friends. That conversation takes exactly as long as the one they had outside the bar did.

  16. This is a month-long cliffhanger?? No more Aimee, no Will/Eve drama for a month? Are you trying to spawn fanfiction or something?

    1. *quickly hides her papers* >.> yeah, mer, what gives?

  17. Naw, Will told his bro he was gonna hit that; he told the chick he had to be away from her. That's how I did it, anyway.

  18. I just realized why I never really considered Eve to be really, truly Asian: She doesn't have smaller/sharp/narrow/"squinty" eyes. I'm a racist asshole.

  19. Mer, you wow and amaze. From "holy cheese fries" to the earnestly greased grafitti tableau that is Eve Ning's ongoing story, you continue to make this old man's brain and blood smile in a way that only the best doodle poets can. Heartfelt thanks from the GWNorth…

  20. I kindof like Larry, in a way he's Will's Foil, sort of like Hannah is for Eve. Sure there's a million differences there, too, but sometimes it's the much unwanted but so totally needed partner in crime that makes it all work.

    I couldn't do a lot of stoner friends but Hannah's more than just that classification. Larry seems the same way, he's a bro-dude, and we'll hate him for that, but we'll love him for the things that make him more than a bro-dude.

  21. I want to like Larry, because he isn't really malicious, but I think he is thinking more of himself than Will here.

    Also, looks like the dude has some sort of Scott Pilgrim type memory.

  22. Wait – did everyone else somehow figure out what Will talked to Eve about? Me, I am confuse.

    1. No, nothing official. None of us will really know until Ms. M lets us know, but everyone has their own theories :- )

  23. At first I didn't like Larry, but I've read this one a few times over now and you know what, I think I like him. I think he's really fucking on the ball about how Will is feeling and has been trying to help him in his way.

    He didn't want to move in with Marigold, but felt pressured to. Larry saves the day! Will's feeling shitty about his love life/honesty issues, there's Larry with his own brand of wisdom.

    He's a douche, yeah. But Idk. I like him despite that.

  24. Anyone else notice that Will's fascination of rocks has sort of died?

    1. SecretlyASuperhero

      oh yeah…but then, he probably has more important things to worry about

  25. So, I just read the whole series in under two days and I am hooked! Looking forward to more.

  26. Aw…Larry is really well-intentioned, but with every problem he solves, he seems to plant a couple more drama seeds…

  27. Man, just when Eve was getting kind of normal around Will.

  28. i think will is ultimately realizing that the person he's being the least honest to is himself.

  29. ooooooooh I'm so confused. Do I like Larry or do I think he's an ass?

    PS I hope Will and Eve don't end their friendship


  31. Heehee, Willary. It's like Evark!

  32. Has any of Will's friend actually conversed with Larry? Part of me wants to believe Larry is a figment of Will's imagination.

  33. Wait… what exactly does Larry have to do with what's going on between Will and Eve? Will's an adult; he can make his own (poorly thought out) decisions.

  34. I still believe there will be a Will/Eve, but not yet, and not for awhile. Their dance-around reminds me quite a lot of what I went through with my now-husband. Not the "one is moody and unsure of life, and can't summon the desire to try to be sure, and the other can't figure anything out and has a job that's technically illegal" way, but the whole yes-no-yes-no-dating-this-other-person-now thang. We ended up married (yaaaay!!) but if we'd tried to be together at any point before the time was right, it wouldn't have worked out (for completely different reasons than Will and Eve have). So I dunno, my inner prejudice-o-matic has me thinking that it's just got to be Will and Eve because it's just *got* to.

    But first he's gonna hook up with Aimee. And Eve's going to make a few bad decisions (I have a hunch but won't say because nobody will believe me) and it's going to get worse before it gets better.

    PS. I love Larry but I would never be *tight* friends with him. He'd be the friendly acquaintance I happily hang around because he makes things happen, but he'd never be a confidante.

    It was clear from the beginning that Will/Marigold isn't going to last and this just confirms it.

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