#392 – placebros

So I've never really heard OP readers engage with the question of whether Will and Larry ever had sex. Maybe such nebulous zones were the norm on the internet of 10 years ago. Or maybe I was hanging in all the wrong places.

8 thoughts on “#392 – placebros

  1. I always read it as an unrequited physical love of Larry’s – there’s a lot of love between Will and Larry, but I never read Will as Bi/pansexual. I thought Larry was (though always considered his “he'd say I got Fat” might've been laddish banter, too), and in love with Will, but he knew that Will was “only” offering Bromance and was ok with that.

    1. I'm in the exact same boat. Early in the story I'd failed to even consider the possibility, but later it seemed clear to me that Larry absolutely *would* fuck Will, if Will were down for that, and that Will was cool with Larry feeling that way, but that that was the extent of their physical relationship.

  2. I still love "Placebros."

  3. I completely ignored any Will and Larry possibilities out of this strip. Didn't even notice them. The Will and Hanna possibilities had my full attention. What the hell happened?

  4. Is Will queer in any way? I never caught on to that

  5. i never even thought about it because i always saw will as completely aggressively the most super heterosexual

  6. Feels to me like these two are a bit too close to one an other to have been in a romantic relationship and then stopped. With Hanna you can see some strains even in their current relationship but everything seems to be going too perfectly with Larry. Not impossible just a bit unlikely.

  7. I really love Will's lonely, prickly-defensive hardboy look in this flashback, always felt like getting to see another side of him and one I'd've loved to have seen more of. Also it's hot.

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