#386 – comfortable enough

Happy last week of August! Have you helped/offended one of your friends today?

41 thoughts on “#386 – comfortable enough

  1. Hell, I offend my friends at least once a day!

    …of course I don't intend to…

    …and oddly, not the people that are unimportant to me.

    God, I'm screwed up.

    1. That makes two of us.

      1. I'd suggest forming a club, but a total worldwide membership would defeat the entire purpose of "exclusivity"

    2. It's not fucked up. Friends are just the people who care enough to be offended. Relish it!

  2. The punchline is glorious.

  3. Will's so sexy when he's pouting.

  4. I really do hope Eve gets a happy ending or at least a good ending. She's too cute not to succeed! She… well, she's not my role model, but I'd still have her as my big sister.

  5. I love how Eve's design has been evolving along with the character.

    1. The only question is what will she evolve into? With the size of those eyes, I'm thinking Wigglytuff

      1. "That Wigglytuff is more tuff than wiggly!"

  6. Awesome punchline, Hannah.

  7. hannah, i love ya but you're the squatter so shut your tangerine-hole. anyhoo, i adore will's icy "welp, end of conversation" stare. eve's winnie the pooh face in the last panel is also adorable.

  8. Hanna wins the $64 comment in the end panel.

  9. I sit my imagination or is Eve growing her hair longer? It looks good.

  10. Gah. "Is it," not "I sit."

    1. It's funny, I read it as "Is it" and didn't notice till you posted your fix it comment. The brain works in mysterious ways. 🙂

  11. i know i'm repeating myself (everyone) here, but coming to your website today i again felt happy and grateful that you've returned to regular updates. a little bit o' sunshine!

    p.s. when is she going to tell will she's still hot for his bod?

  12. Eve and Will need to get together, the end.

  13. The alt text is pure, blinding truth.

  14. Evill will survive!

  15. i wonder what will was thinking/about to say before hanna interrupted their conversation. he normally loves eve's snarky-ass statements, but i guess that one was a little too personal?

  16. I feel you, glancing-over-shoulder-annoyed Will, I feel you.

  17. I kissed one of my friend's today. 🙂 Does that count as helping or offending?

    1. depends on how they reacted.

  18. Sleep is for the weak, Hanna! The weak, lucky bastards!

  19. Seeing Will and Park has reminded me of my past relationships. To me it's obvious Park is wrong for Eve. He is the good guy who unfortunately convinced himself to be a hero (and secretly expects the praise that comes with it). A good guy, but has too many issues of his own. Will, at least outwardly, is not trying to save anyone. He cares, but doesn't view anyone, including Eve, as a wilting flower who needs sun and rain and soil to grow. He knows Eve can salvage that herself. In fact, he knows Eve doesn't technically "need" anything. She has everything she needs. It is just a matter of time until she feels comfortable in her own skin.

    1. oh my noees! xP

      I was a "ParK' in one of my past relationships! DDD=

      You have enlightened me, my dear Heidi.

      I always knew octopus pie was good for the soul! =D

  20. Oh, air mattresses. I had some pretty good memories with my old one, that is until it got a thousand holes in it. Now it will stay inflated as you fall asleep, but by the time you wake up you are on flat ground. Hanna should count herself lucky.

  21. Will has never seemed that interested in Marigold.

  22. That is an awesomely sweet sentiment. All the better wrapped up in swear wordianism!

  23. "Friends?" What are these "friends" of which you speak?

  24. Beautiful composition and framing in these panels!

  25. lawl at his stubble already being back.

  26. The last two panels pretty much sum up my life.

  27. didn't he just shave off that beard?

  28. Wow, his beard grew back really quickly!

  29. one year of comics to read until i reach real-time. 2011…THE HORROR.

  30. Apparently NO ONE saw Will's 5-o-clock coming back just seconds after he finished shaving.

  31. Wow, Will’s 5 o’clock shadow has already made a reappearance XD

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