#385 – bzzt

I kind of miss having a chair as supremely uncomfortable as the one Eve's in. My back just bends the way it's supposed to these days.

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  1. geez will musdt have to shave every 3 hours to stay relatively clean shaven o.o

    1. *must ><

      1. Way to kill the joke

    2. Actually, I know a dude like that! Not quite every three hours but at least twice a day. He's 14. Puuuubertyyyy!

    3. I can not believe that you need to shave every 3 hours to stay clean. Once in a week with the electric razor is enough.

      1. Bluebeard.

  2. RIP Will-beard – when bearded he reminded me of me

  3. That man must have testosterone just oozing from his face.

  4. So Will is able to get a smooth shave with an electric razor, but it grows back in 15 seconds? Yeah, I read the alt-text, and I could accept one of these things happening, but both is enough to make any universe fold in on itself.

  5. sweet sweet beard *mourns*

  6. Holy crap! Its like his jaw is built from play doh presses filled with hair!

  7. Haha, I love that his stubble comes back in immediately. And that cartoon logic just seems so sound. It's his thing. How can he be Will without it?

  8. Suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuubtle joke. Nicely delivered.

    1. More like STUBBLE joke, am I righokay I'll just see myself out then.

  9. I love Will's facial hair 😀

  10. That chair is called a papasan and boy does it suck to sleep on one of those.

    1. I find sleeping in those comfy, despite being a big guy. Although I am the guy sleeping soundly while sprawled across two couches, a love seat, a coffee table and an end table.

    2. Naw. I used a papasan for a crib when visiting a friend in Atlanta, and a double-papasan was my bed for a year. I still miss that thing, but it wore out after 5 yrs or so. Only so much patching.

  11. I still have my papasan, first thing i bought with my first paycheck from my first job, waaaay back in the 80's. Well, that an a tub of Breyer's Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream, before they started putting all that OTHER STUFF in it. Then, i was short enough to curl up in the chair and sleep. Now, not so much.

    1. Ahaha, first thing I bought with my first paycheck from my first job (that wasn't food) was also a papasan. Except I bought it in 2005.

  12. Heehee …..

    That ish awesome with the Eveready facial hair, you totally rock.

  13. Mmm mamasan chair. I have one of those. Actually sitable if a pillow is put into the bottom of the chair,

  14. Awesome! And who hasn't crashed at a friend's house all curled up in one of those Pompidou chairs. Parmesan. Pompadour. Somethin'. Xanadu?

  15. Will has the "instant beard" gene, like Homer Simpson.

    1. once a certain look has been established it can just change, it can be altered for a few strips or an episode but must immediiately revert to normal appearance

      its the law

      also, clean shaven Wil kindalooks like Scottt Pilgrim

  16. Hanna and Marek. Jeez. So adorable.

    1. I know, right? I was wondering when somebody would bring that up. :3 so cute.

  17. lol love Will's facial hair growing like it does. Very clever. YAY OCTOPUS PIE!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. my question is how marek & hannah sleep like that. his arm must be killin' him. and her arm must be too! as a recent move-in-with-the-gf-er, i'm finding these cozy romantic sleeping arrangements don't work as well as they do in movies & comics :T

    1. it kills ME to have my boyfriends arm under me like that, it's like sleeping on a small log.

    2. I love having someone in bed beside me, but agh, it's a killer on the arm. I wake up with a sore arm every time. I will say this, though, it's usually worth it.

  19. wow, had to do a second-read through to catch the 5-minute shadow. think i'm just used to and/or fond of stubbly will. anyhoo, looks like eve and will are at similar crossroads…freaky.

  20. Had a papasan for a short time and have no idea what happened to it! Aw I miss that chair :[

    Also, I love Hannah's adorable frustrated face in the first panel.

  21. I used to love papasan chairs. then i had nowhere else to sleep for a week.

  22. Its as great as the time Homer Simpson shaved his beard, says "Smooth as a baby's bottom!" then it pops back as soon as he turns away from the mirror.

  23. Will Funfact: It takes approx. four panels for him to go from clean shaven to 11 o' clock shadow.

  24. I love Hanna and Marek all curled up together. They are adorable. I love papasans so very much but they take up a ridiculous amount of room and always turn into a giant cat bed.

    1. It looks to me like they're trying to keep each other asleep despite Will's (presumably) long-term razor use.

  25. I feel like sort of a crazy person for being so jealous of Will.

  26. Mr. Kapowies, indeed

    A'least Eve an' Will get to be reckless when they move out. It's nothing like here. Wish I could move out anytime and live mediocrily with shitty jobs.

    Anyway, I love this (comic).

  27. D'aaaw, Marek and Hanna. <3

  28. In my mind, a pair of sunglasses slowly descended over the entire comic


  29. Dang, Wil, that's some angry shaving. That goes up there in my list of most epic shaves / hair cuts, right next to Mulan.

    Also, at the risk of being repetitive, d'aww…Marek and Hanna…

  30. Does this mean Will is magical?

  31. I know the feeling… about the beard I mean.

  32. I have a friend whose facial hair grows back nearly that quickly. he will have stubble within 15 minutes after a clean shave.

  33. The first panel is insanely adorable!

  34. i've just re-read the whole of OP. so very quotable. i need to get eve's words from the last panel put on to my family coat of arms.

  35. That beard has ravenous face hunger… like mine.

  36. After seeing rhis kind of infamous Manhattan dwelling I am sort of expecting to see the other, the famous Manhattan duplex or triplex. As they say in Wikipedia: …a maisonette, a single dwelling unit spread over two floors connected by an indoor staircase. Not something vulgar and tasteless like the one on top of the Hotel Pierre, of course. Ning has more taste than that.

  37. Eve's last line basically sums up how I get by (and why I can't get anything done).

  38. I had to read it twice to notice his beard ACTIVELY REGROWING.

  39. Marek's territory is safe again.


  40. The beard is shaved. Long live the beard.

  41. I love the 5 o'clock shadow in15 seconds.. haha

  42. dude, snap, he could regrow that beard in, like, 2 or 3 days

  43. fuck yeah shadow

  44. He's got that 5 min shadow instead of 5 'o clock lol

  45. I do not believe this that the electric razor effects just remain for few hours. Why are your thinking like this?

  46. Ah, yes, the permanent 5 o’clock shadow. Just when I was worried that Will might actually have a hairless face. Good save.

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