#379 – there’s no time

This may be the moment when the comic's fabulism and Hanna's wacky brain reasonings converged, and the latter gave way to the former. Kind of a nutty basis for a story, but I always promised myself I'd shake things up by any means necessary if I felt the slightest bit bored.

4 thoughts on “#379 – there’s no time

  1. This is my favorite page in the series, and the final panel is truly sublime. I could comment on any aspect of it and say that that is the part that really sells it. Hanna's determined face looking forward, the smoke giving them a sense of movement, Eve looking back in fear, Manuel looking at the reader in comedic general shock at the situation, Marek with his anxious expression who seems to have grabbed the most important belonging to him in a rush, the ominous black sky, and the cars and buildings around them, oblivious to their terror and struggles.

  2. I always loved Marek's Shaggy moment. Our was it Scooby?

  3. I don't think at any time in my life other than college that I could pack my life away and run off in the middle of the night. Always had too much stuff.

  4. Hanna has good taste.

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