#370 – up for literally anything

Gwen was an overbearing friend and I think it's kind of clear why Eve stopped hanging out with her. But also one of those friends you reconnect with and realize you never stopped being friends, and maybe you were a dick for thinking you had.

3 thoughts on “#370 – up for literally anything

  1. I love that there is apparently a game/attraction at Mr. Song's called "Apartment Squatter," that consists of sitting alone in a box. I would have dominated that game as a child.

    1. I wouldn't blink if you told me it was a real New York thing.

  2. Gwen's only crime, I think, is being overly excited and assuming the best for people. The ability to pick up right back where you left off with your friends is really telling, I've grown to find, as I've become older and my social circle has moved all over the world.

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