#368 – carpetbagger

8 thoughts on “#368 – carpetbagger

  1. The mystery second kidnapper appears

  2. Everyone loves a bit of baroque mandolin!

  3. Gwen has quite the hug on her. Me likey.

  4. M.I.A. reference?

  5. The awkward half-hug can't even touch the awkwardness that Park has in panel three.

  6. Park is damn adorable in panel three. And one. And two. And four.

  7. She's just, holing him so effortlessly while he struggles, like…

    How strong is she?

  8. Reading through the complete archive for the 4th time (yes, kind of in a row, don't judge me), and sometimes I could swear that Meredith is still constantly adding little details to these old drawings just for us to find them… Only today I noticed Greg's adorable "concert" in panel 5.

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