#355 – afraid of aging

This was a line drawn for Marek's character where children were an inevitability more than a question. That this thought process doesn't involve Hanna at all might've been confusing to readers later on - I don't think we ever hear them have a conversation about it - but when taken with the series as a whole, it seems right. Marek has a plan for life to which Hanna is not relevant, and man, it happens.

5 thoughts on “#355 – afraid of aging


  2. Victor is so amazing ñ

  3. Maybe it's because I just love Marek so much, but this is so beautiful that it made me cry.

  4. Victor is magical!

  5. The comment on this really breaks my heart, and I'm always reminded of the comic of Marek and Hanna on their bed, when he was at the end of his thesis… :'(

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