#352 – such a freakin’ guy

6 thoughts on “#352 – such a freakin’ guy

  1. haha my relationship with my cat

  2. haha my relationship with my cat [2]

    Also Winter Cyborg Eve is pretty awesome.

    And I want panel 5 on a shirt. thanks.

  3. That's pure gold. I know people (mostly gals) who get _scars_ from their hugfests with kittehz. The cats don't dig it (they scratch the hell out of it).

    Mind you, this is a pretty strong allegory for their lovelife, too.

  4. LOL LOL LOL… panel 5

  5. At first I thought the scratch on Eve's face was a feline nose, and she was being cat-girl-ified from her intense kitty contact.

  6. i hug my cat all the time and she doesn't freak, guess it's just me. also, after looking at victor in panel 5 frank zappa comes to mind, i'm not sure why

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