#343 – turn it off

As people in the comments have pointed out, the Shaggs are a real band who have kind of enjoyed a resurgence in the past decade or so, with lo-fi indie artists taking inspiration from them. I still think Philosophy of the World is a great album worth listening to. Please go and enjoy it.

9 thoughts on “#343 – turn it off

  1. Love that side profile of Hanna, very cute 🙂

  2. OP Hipster Cred confirmed

  3. Hanna looks so viscerally happy in the 5th panel

  4. The link in the alt-text doesn't work anymore.

    1. I think it was this: https://i.imgur.com/xrmGGDQ.png

      Not sure why I've held onto that since 2009 but now it's finally paid off!

  5. Panel 5 is my favorite drawing of Hanna ever.

    1. Wait till you see Hanna singing 'Foot Foot' on the next page.

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