#342 – as bad as it looks

Yes okay, so Nancy Fuchs is supposed to be Marigold's mom, and I did have a vague story about this planned that I never got to. It would've been one of those hippie family band situations, where Nancy would've been a child. I had all kinds of plans and histories for ALL their moms that just ended up going unspoken. A little like real life??

9 thoughts on “#342 – as bad as it looks

  1. Merideth! You can't be away during the *Shaggs* storyline!

  2. Friendly Smiles sounds like the parent band to Queen.

  3. Oh hey! This is my framed Octopie strip. Poor Shaggs…

  4. Could Marigold be related to Nancy Fuchs (and/or the Funkalettes)??

  5. God bless this comic for introducing me to The Shaggs <3

  6. Nancy Fuchs is definitely Mar's mom!

    Too lazy to find the link now but see the final arc when Nancy Fuchs is liking all of Mar's posts. Deep cut

  7. Got to love some good mom lore!

  8. eyy, they have that doggie beside their gramophone! neat

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