#341 – coconut and lumpy gravy

13 thoughts on “#341 – coconut and lumpy gravy

  1. I hear you've been having trouble with pigs and ponies.

  2. DEAR. LORD. How did my parents get into a webcomic?

  3. 'Distraughtening' is the best word ever.

  4. I declare Hanna's parents to be Awesome Forever.

    /hopeless romantic

  5. I want to be that couple at that age.

  6. I really appreciate the Zappa/Beefheart references in this comic. Lumpy Gravy…

  7. Would that be…. OCTOPUS PIE, Mrs Hanna?


  8. …Hanna's dad's beard is almost Marek-esque. Not sure what that implies.

    1. It implies basic human psychology. Straight people are attracted to those who remind them of their opposite-gendered parent because a) a child looks to his/her parents for guidance on how to live, and b) if your same-gendered chose someone who looks a certain way, that sends a subconscious message to the child's brain that those features are the pinnacle of that gender's looks, that that's what the pinnacle of attractiveness is in that gender. If your same-gendered parent mated with an opposite-gendered person with particular features, that tells your instinctual mind that those features are desirable.

  9. Nice perspective in that 2nd panel!

  10. richard schumacher

    Sweet Lord! Hanna's mom is Hillary Clinton!

  11. It is crazy how Hannah's mom ends up in the end in the last arch.

    Like really, looking back brings in so many questions that I forgot about, and helps show the different sides of relationships. You are truly a great story teller Gran

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