#331 – where’d he go

In hindsight there's something kind of sexual about this whole exchange? The sweat, the body hair, the dominant/submissive angles... It's amazing what subconsciously takes hold when you make art. Clearly I wanted to fuck a bicycle.

6 thoughts on “#331 – where’d he go

  1. there's definitely bicycle porn somewhere on these webs

    1. Rule 34.

  2. charliethesalamander

    I get more of a Bicycle Thieves allusion from this…

  3. Wow, you usually have to take your tire off to do that trick. Fear him!

  4. Oh thank fuck I'm not the only one who saw that. That page nailed the forms but yeah…

    Also what sweat?

  5. well here you got a german punk song about wanting to be a specific bicycle saddle.

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