#324 – douchebag goggles

I can't remember if I mentioned this during the laser tag story, but I very briefly had this idea that Marigold and Greg would date eventually, in sort of a doomed capacity, after Greg learned how to be a fully-fledged hipster. It wasn't a very romantic idea, just the latest idiot quest I envisioned for those characters. They diverted too much in the end, with Mar becoming a more important character while Greg got on with his life in the background, and at a certain point I just didn't need any more bitter breakups and exes in the mix. Ya gotta have moderation!

3 thoughts on “#324 – douchebag goggles

  1. I think the funniest part here is "peddle", heh.

  2. I enjoy Greg's quiet side arc of self-realization quite a bit.

  3. I still quote this 'douche-goggles' line.

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