#322 – burning rubber

11 thoughts on “#322 – burning rubber

  1. bahahahahahahaha!!!… "Puddle of shit"


  2. "Tour de Borough"… Is the "Tour de France" really that famous outside France ? I kinda always thought it was the kind of things that only us locals knew about.

    1. Yeah it is, at least among bike fanatics. The only reason regular Americans know about it is because they jizz all over Lance Armstrong being an American and beating those unpatriotic godless foreigners!

      1. Do they talk about all the doping scandals, too ?

        1. I always thought the Tour was pretty commonly known about. I live way the fuck down under and know jack about cycling (or indeed, any sport), but I think most people know about it, at least as far as it's a big ol' bike race in France, and… something about a yellow jersey…

        2. CaptainTightPants

          We talk about doping, adding micro-motors, and morons who celebrate before crossing the finish line and a man who has lost a nut.

    2. Im in California. Mostly when I hear tell of it, and watch it, it’s to look at the beautiful scenery and wonder why the hell anyone would sign up to bike up slopes that are practically vertical.

    3. It's televised and generally known in the UK.

  3. Everyone knows about the Tour de France. I'm from the opposite side of the planet (until recently) and have no interests in competetive sports whatsoever, but about the only two events I could name are the Olympics and the Tour.

  4. I like Eve's feet in the last two panels. X3

  5. I always liked Hanna's cartoonishly conical wrists and ankles that support her giant hands and feet. Seems like if she slapped your butt you'd feel it. Viz., above.

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