#320 – where are my keys

20 thoughts on “#320 – where are my keys

  1. What is that?!?! are they rape fumes? she did walk around N.Y at night..

  2. Nah, I think it's a visual representation of that something's-gonna-getcha-panic that sets in when you're only a few feet from your front door. It's the same thing that makes kids run the last ten yards or so to the front door at night, even if they'd been walking back the whole time.

    1. Man, I'm near full-grown and I still do the "run the last 10 yards" thing. Traveling through the city at night can be real scary even with a couple friends, much less by yourself. And I live on the other side of the coast, I think EVERY city gets kinda like that at night.

    2. For me it happens in our very long hallway, before I get to my door. I know the feeling exactly. XD

  3. … hate that feeling

  4. I feel this way every time I go to bloody BED. I'm fine through the halls but as I get further and further up the stairs I get a horrible cold panicked feeling that something is coming for me *shivers*

    LOVING the new stuff XD

  5. I get that feeling sometimes too–what a great representation of that in this strip. I really like the new approach to the strip, these were well worth the wait!

  6. I still get that feeling! Although whereas in the past I had images of scary movie villains, nowadays I just assume it's zombies.

  7. A disturbingly evocative vision of panic attack onset. ::ack!::

  8. Wow. I thought I was alone in still experiencing this kinda thing! You depict it so well! It's such a bizarre sensation. Anywho, just thought I'd say that I'm loving the new method Ms Gran! 😀

  9. Awesome job with the panic swirls!

  10. Excellent job with the suffocating, last minute paranoia.

  11. She's eaten by ghosts! It's got to be love.

  12. Admiral Anderision

    Wow, I remember that feeling from childhood, up until High School actually, pretty accurate representation……

  13. Admiral Anderision

    The shadows sort-of pulsate when you scroll up and down…..

  14. Ah, the joys of being a woman in modern society. Or any society, really.

  15. Best alt text ever.

  16. Absolutely perfect representation of the unnamable night fear – you must shut it out!

  17. I love the show of emotion here. Very cool.

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