#315 – stuff u need 2 kno

Please do not follow these instructions literally. You will die. For those who've been wondering, it is pretty easy and inexpensive to make beer in your own home! There are a lot of articles and videos that explain it better than I ever could. I've been working hard in preparation for some big changes to the comic, which there'll be more news about on Wednesday.

41 thoughts on “#315 – stuff u need 2 kno

  1. Haha!

    A month. Really? Wow.

  2. I've always wanted to do something with my old "Mr. Bucket". Thanks, Julie!

  3. it's a little uncanny that around the time this storyline started my girlfriend came home with a brew-it-yourself kit…

  4. Mr Bucket!!

    With the stripes, stick figure Julie reminds me of Piglet. In a good way!

  5. Awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

    Giggled all the way through

  6. Love the strip, i've been following it for about a year now! My dad tried making his own hard cider. He said most of his batches came out tasting like vinegar. There are lots of variables when doing hard cider I guess.

    Are the drinking glasses still available for preorder? I'm really clumsy and keep breaking mine.


  7. Why do i have feeling the smile in the last panel is not just because of the (soon to be) beer…

  8. this would be an awesome poster

  9. Ha! A friend of mine home brews, I shall email him this right away. I'm sure he'll love it.

    Oh and Meredith, I was in Chicago for the comic-con over this past weekend and whlie at Chicago Comics (a great store), I saw they were selling copies of An Interstate Oasis. Very cool.

  10. I like Jacob ripping his shirt off at the end. Also, staring contemptuously at the brew in step three.

    And I agree with John K.

    1. I third that sentiment!

  11. My husband and I homebrew and it really is quite easy. You just need to be patient (1+ week to ferment, another for secondary, 3+ weeks in bottles) and remember to be very clean and sanitize everything. Like twice. It's actually really difficult to mess up enough to make something -undrinkable-.

    1. "It’s actually really difficult to mess up enough to make something -undrinkable-."

      Even when making it from ring pops, cabbage, and vagisil?

  12. I agree with John K. Stripping stick figures rock. =D

  13. Omg Jacob nipples. And the tattoo. Plus lookit him when he rips off his shirt.

    *snort attack*

  14. I bet Jacob regrets ripping his shirt, because now he can't do his grand awesome finale when the month ends, thereby invalidating his tattoo. Sorry, Jacob! Play again soon!

  15. Jacob is channeling Bad Decision Dinosaur! Yesss!

  16. Bahah I love the hearts over Julie's head looking at Jacob and I love the hearts over Jacob's head looking at the beer!

  17. This strip is incredible in its simplicity! Meredith, please say you'll consider making this into a poster (as others before me have suggested).


  18. Heh, I've been reading this strip for about a year and a half, and this is one of the funniest ones for me since I work at a home brew shop in Michigan and some of the people's methods for brewing kind of resemble this, haha… For those interested in making beer, I listed my work's website which has some good info on home brewing.

  19. Mr. Freakin Bucket! Oh how he frustrated me! I would pick up the balls ever so nicely, and the douche would just throw em all over the place again! That game was more of a chore if anything.

  20. Been loving the comic for months now. Thg only thing that is lacking is a previous comic link on the main page. Is that intentional?

    1. See those huge arrows on the side of the screen? They go forward and backward.

  21. I actually do brew beer and find this comic line particularly funny as making beer requires a huge amount of cleanliness. I would also like to add that it CAN be cheep, but like all good hobbies you will one day stare at your closet filled with buckets and carboys and think gee, really? Keep up the awesome work, I love your strip.

  22. The secret to great beer has never been hops, and has always been Mr. Bucket.

    I was cleaning out my parent's garage with my sister when Mr. Bucket, whom I had not seen for 13 years, FELL FROM THE SKY. My sister and I screamed for a minute until we figured out what it was.

  23. Mr. Bucket?! I had to comment just because I saw that. Amazing.

  24. Woh. Beer.

    Hey, could you ad a teensy, weensy 'previous comic' to the 'latest comic' page? that would be excellent for perusal reasons.

  25. I am going to make my own beer!


  26. Disappointed shirtless Jacob is the best.

  27. It makes me giggle to see Julie making eyes at Jacob when he's only eying the beer.

    Poor girl.

    Such a brilliant comic! I second the suggestion of making this a poster.

    Jacob you dork. What does his chest say…?

    1. Oh..oops. nevermind I can read now :U

  28. I wonder if they discovered it's highly flammable through research or through trial and error.

  29. Is Julie names after the aerobatics stunt pilot Julie Clark?

  30. LMAO

    Add a little beer for taste to a BEER recipe xD


  31. I love my own beer. I sometimes use figs and natural honey.

    Oh, God. I'm an alcoholic… And I hadn't said that for a while.

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