#310 – auuugh

This storyline is practically over! Just 1 more page, I'm pretty sure. The next story will have fewer dogs but probably be a little bit funnier.

27 thoughts on “#310 – auuugh

  1. Haha, I don't know why, but Hanna's expression in the third last panel made me crack up. :3

  2. I'm liking this big comic thing, Mer! 😀

  3. Will speaks the truth. My boring roommate always gets herself in scandalous situations.

    1. Maybe she does so because she's tired of being boring.

  4. "Maybe I don't need to be nice to Park for long…"

    I KNEW Hannah would say that !

  5. The boring friends ARE the ones who create drama. Poor Will. I'd like to give him a hug.

  6. Boring people are unfamiliar with the ways of drama and get into it completely unwittingly because they haven't had enough adventures to learn how to fend it off. I think that's the science behind it, anyway.

  7. Oh man.

    I'm boring.

    It's all starting to make sense.

  8. I love how they both seem to have forgotten about the dog in the tub… 😛

  9. Snowy is all "okay i want to get out of the bath now"

  10. Whew! I hope you're pacing yourself, Mer!

    Of course, dogs screw up to show we can't always control them, too. But maybe we're supposed to be learning from them, too?

    That reminds me – I need to go for a walk.

    Love this scene!

  11. I know what Will is saying, but Hanna doesn't seem to be someone open to the "you can't control your friends like dogs" lecture.

  12. Wow. This is one of the best yet. Excellent dialog, and sadly very true to life. Great work!

  13. Overreact much, Hanna? C’mon, forgetting mistakes ever happened is the best way to deal with them. Especially drunken ones. That’s why drinking makes you forget! It’s an evolutionary advantage!

  14. I <3 Snowy! He is being awesome in this strip today, rooting around in the bubbles. Love!

    And the line "that's a digitally remastered special edition crock of shit" is most excellent. I hope to hear someone say in real life someday.

  15. Shit, those last six panels are extremely relevant to my life.

    I'm really liking where this plot is going!

  16. Oh It finally hits me.



    I love how you manage to make this relevant to most of our lifes

  17. I am intense, thats why I'm drama free!!

  18. I love how Snowy is just *gone* for the first few panels. Dog submarine!

  19. Aw Will, you and your feelings. Cue the round of awwwws…. NOW.

  20. Will is becoming my favorite character of the series.

    and there's a girl called Eve somewhere.

  21. Hannah is the shiz!!

    I love the stuff she comes up with… Which in effect Mer comes up with


  22. I like the way Will looks in panel three. He looks like a little kid, so cute!

    Also, is it just me, or does Snowy look like he is spying on Will and Hanna in the last few panels?

  23. I'm secretly rooting for Eve and Will to get together. I almost feel a little bitter towards Park haha.

    Will is definitely becoming my favorite character.

  24. To me, it looks like Snowy is starting to get emotionally invested in the conversation.

    1. The Prolific Mr. Ano

      Really? Seems more to me that she's asking "Okay, why are they blocking the tub? Who's letting me out?"

  25. Will's rant breaks out of the panels and has its own subtle glow. Perfect underscoring.

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