#309 – why

Once in a while I just can't whittle a comic idea down to 2 rows. Which means, oh yes, more comic for you! And if you missed it, there is a totally new shirt in the store: oh my god Inspired by this comic right here, where Eve champions the concept of puppy chasing. No pre-orders for this one -- it's shipping NOW! So order one today at the Topatoco store and you will be looking sharp in no time.

53 thoughts on “#309 – why

  1. You can call a dog just about anything and they'll love ya for it as long as it's all loud and gushy-sounding. XD

  2. "I have a dear friend… who's terminally ill…"


    1. Haha… right you are. And we all know what happened next 😀

  3. OH! Thank God. I could handle a human character knocked off but if Snowy had bit it I wouldn't be able to read this comic anymore.

    That dog is cute in the MOST DISGUSTING ways. XD

  4. A Will spin-off strip would be awesome:


  5. Snowy lives!!! Yay Snowy

  6. the dead mouse (kitten?) in snowy's mouth, the "ooo look at me, i caught something!" happy tail, the huuge smile…

    forget about will, i want a spin-off of snowy! and i don't even like dogs.

    1. Looks more like a squirrel to me.

  7. I rarely get to comment, but I fucking love love love Will and his crazyface.

  8. Hanna's reaction in panel 10 is just way too perfect.

  9. AWARD winning!!! And hey Clueless (no offense), that's a squirrel, I'd say.

    A lot to get out of this page (as a reader), and really smartly pulled off – Well done, MG!

  10. Forget Will and Snowy! I want a Hannah spin-off.

  11. Does snowy have a dead rat in his mouth? my dog has done that before.

  12. This is my favourite strip out of them all.

  13. Hahaha, yessss. Hanna is the world's greatest lie detector. Put that in yer pipe and smoke it, psychologists!

    For a pot dealer, I'd expect Will to be a little more adept at bearing false witness.

    1. I think 'Put that in your bong and smoke it' would be a tad bit more appropriate in Hanna and Will's case 😀

  14. Called it, the collar fell off. Snowy got the prize though, that bitchin' squirrel!

  15. YAY COMIC. It's like getting a chocolate bar that's bigger than normal.

  16. Ahahaha. I don't know who I love more in this strip, Will or Snowy.

    Snowy is just so proud of himself and happy, he doesn't even notice Hannah freaking out. And is it only me or does he kinda look like Marek in panel 4? The hair/water over the eyes and the goofy grin…

    I feel for Will. I had many a times were I could've said "You're really fucking hard to lie to".

  17. Anagram for name of Will's dying "friend" : Avoid Keg Zen Err Horn

    Just saying.

  18. Ha! I talk to my dog like that all the time. Great comic!

  19. Good lord, is Snowy trying to eat the bubbles? This fills me with imperturbable joy.

    1. Dear god, Snowy is trying to eat the bubbles, I didnt notice at first, then I read the comment, and I'm filled with some sort of awful joy at that.

  20. You know, at first i thought Snowy was just a dumb, ugly dog. But now I know hes a FUCKING ADORABLE dumb ugly dog. He is just super retarded and so cute, I love him! He's grown on me.

  21. I think we can all agree that more comic is always fine! 🙂

  22. Snowy has also grown on me.

    This comic is AWESOME! There is just so much to it. Hanna's gratitude at first then suspicion, Will's denial, and Snowy's adorable-ness.

  23. Brilliant. Absolutely fucking brilliant.

  24. This t-shirt is… amazing!! Too bad the Comic-Con is coming up in a few weeks. I'm putting it on my wish list, though, so I hope there's at least one up for sale after I recover financially from the trip. On that subject, will you be going to this year's convention? I'd love to run into you and tell you how much I enjoy reading your comic. *Saying so just now doesn't count…*

  25. Haha, I read it at first that he was leaving because Eve was bringing artichokes. That's what I'd do.

    1. Wahaha! I did too! I almost didn't catch on too.

  26. hahaha, hanna slowly turning & narrowing her eyes to ask "why" is perfection.

    i am loving this comic more than life itself.

  27. On the matter of whittling: since I started reading Octopus Pie I've been impressed by your ability to put so much material (even active, physical stuff) in so few panels. Each page feels like two, such that sometimes I count the panels to be sure.

  28. "You're so ugly and I fuckin' LOVE you!" — is now my favorite line ever.

  29. I *heart* panel four…..(and I am no dog lover.)

  30. He's even more adorable and dumb than Dug in Up!

  31. I suspect Will is better at lying when…emotions aren't involved.

    This comic makes me smile SO hard.

  32. Yay, Snowy's okay! 🙂

  33. It's Will and his suspicious shirt stains again! Always a pleasure.

  34. Hold on, who's the villian? It's not Will is it?

  35. This is such an awesome page! So… many… epic… panels. You deserve to have awards named after you.

    Honestly. This update made my day.

  36. Actually it's spelled horzenkrieg.

  37. Had to chime in to say that I love love this comic, and agree with everyone that Hanna's face in panel 10 is sublime.

    My brain made an unfortunate link between "ingredient surprise" and dead-sewar-squirrel, but Hanna's eating her own cooking presumably, so I hope that's not the case.

  38. The grin on that dog's face is SO GOOD. I love it when my dog smiles like that.

  39. Can Will and Eve get together already!! Geeze!!

    Will; man up!!

  40. This is how I treat my own pets. I insult them and threaten horrible violence upon them in happy, sing-songy voice. (Note, I am quite nice to my pets. I just enjoy the irony.)

  41. Is it just me or is Will looking progressively more mangy? He kinda looks homeless. What gives?

  42. This might be my favorite strip in the comic so far. It's just hilarious… maybe because of the way I read it.

  43. Aw, I do so love Will.

  44. Mmm, ingredient surprise.

  45. Ha! I love panel six. I do the same thing to my dogs.

  46. Oh no, not Averond Horzenkreig!!!

  47. "Its very hard to lie to you!" That cracked me up.

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