#306 – what do you want

What a blatant shirt advertisement of an album I was listening to. I think that one holds up. I reckon it does. Big fan of Hanna's head turn and pause. She had some serious acting on the docket, but this is a standout for me.

4 thoughts on “#306 – what do you want

  1. She & Eve pay for a landline!?!?

  2. What a coincidence. I've never heard of Dirty Projectors until just few moments ago, and I was just listening to Dustin's (from Stranger Things) Spotify playlist with "Useful chamber" on it, I noticed this album cover, and now (well, 2009 now) there is the same album's name on the T-shirt.

  3. I hope Puget Sean never has any pets.

  4. Looks like someone tossed a grenade into the living room.
    Dogs will do that.

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