#307 – lifelong buddy

This feels like a sitcom episode where you know the character won't move away because that would be it for the show, right? I checked the original comments to see who was worried. It was mostly a conversation about the lifespan of dogs. :(

6 thoughts on “#307 – lifelong buddy

  1. 18 years does seem long, but I've never owned something like a great German doodlecock before so ¯_(?)_/¯

  2. If Hanna thinks THAT about dogs, how can she justify taking care of a cat?

    1. Cats are wayyy wayyyyy lower maintenance. Also Manuel is Eve’s cat 😛

  3. We’re getting our earliest glimpses that caring for another living thing is not in Hanna’s M.O. Pets… kids… 🙁

  4. TBH Hanna's thoughts about dogs are my own

  5. Octopus Pie would be a very different comic if Eve decided to go to Chicago with Park, both in story and theme I think.

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