#299 – i give up

MoCCA was so much fun! It was hot indoors, but New York was beautiful and the people were great. Thanks for coming by! There are just 2 more days to get a book or print discount in the store. All things go back to normal on Wednesday.

51 thoughts on “#299 – i give up

  1. I don't get it.

    1. I missed it too, but I'm sure it'll hit us and we'll feel properly dumb as a bag of bricks.

    2. I am of the impression that the popsicle is a plumber on roller skates because:

      Plumbers are stereotypically fat (ie Mario, plumbers in movies)

      By rollerblading one burns calories and "melts" away fat.

      Thereby making a melting popsicle an apt analogy for a plumber on roller skates.

      1. Mike you're a retard.

        1. its just one of those popcicles that had a joke on the handle and the punchline on the other end so that once you eat the popcicle you could see it.

    3. It's one of those Popsicles with a riddle on the handle, and the answer under the treat. When you're done, you get the answer. It seems like he didn't get the answer for a while, hence, it melted.

      I thought it was really funny. XD

    4. Hanna read the first half of the joke on the popsicle stick to Marek, and he spent so much time thinking of the answer that the popsicle melted before he finally ended up giving up.

  2. I think perhaps the joke is that it took that long for Marek to answer.

  3. No you idiots, haven't you ever seen the jokes on the popsicle sticks? The bottom uncovered part has the joke, and the part under the actual "ice" has the punchline. You have to wait untill you're finished to get the whole joke.

  4. OK, apparently nobody on here remembers the popsicles with the joke on the bottom half of the stick?

    You read the joke, and then you had to eat the popsicle to get the punchline!

    They were awesome by every standard.

  5. Rats, Clock beat me to it.

  6. I think the answer is in the rollover, "What's 6 feet tall, and coming to GET you" 🙂

    Took me a while too though, to be honest!

  7. It has to do with the jokes written on popsicle sticks. The question is on the handle, and the answer is under the popsicle ice. So while she was waiting for Marek to give her an answer to the joke, it melted, revealing the answer, allowing her to tell him.

  8. No, I mean I don't get the joke written on the popsicle stick.

  9. Oh man those popsicle jokes are usually lame as HELL but they were funny way back then.

    1. They still make them that way (I would know, because I am a five year old trapped in the body of a twenty-five-year-old). And I laugh every time at those jokes.

      One part pun, two parts stupid, a teaspoon of facepalm = every popsicle stick joke ever.

      I LOVE IT.

  10. Whoa, is it just me or does Hanna's hair seem much longer? Cool.

  11. Scott, of course you don't get the popsicle joke. You only heard the punchline!

    Then again, knowing those jokes, hearing the set up doesn't help either. The joke is that they wasted a whole popsicle waiting for Marek, though he did enjoy it in the end. So maybe it wasn't a waste after all.

  12. I tried to guess what the joke might be before I discovered the rollover:

    Why did the Goomba have skid marks on it?


    Who caused the Harris Rink Flood of 1978?

    1. The grammar on the Goomba one is not really sensical, but I am pretty sure it makes a lot more sense than the rollover question when paired with the answer!

      Also, I like it. xD

  13. I want a print of this comic so badly.

  14. "What averages 9 miles per hour and hasn't gotten a tax increase?"

  15. I love their feeeeeeett!!!

  16. Ack I really wanna know the question now. Haha, I know it's not necessarily important, but that punchline has me curious… So now I'm stuck coming up with my own.

    What rolls around your house before getting into your toilet?

    What rolls and fixes runs?

    That's all I got.

  17. Marek's laugh is absolutely hilarious. I can't believe you guys didn't get this one! I thought it was really cute.

  18. I think this is my favorite one ever.

  19. Rollover text, guys.

    1. Crustimoney Proseedc

      The rollover text is an anti-joke, like "What's black and white and red all over?/A sunburnt penguin," the joke being that the actual punchline is "A newspaper." What people are trying to work out here is what the actual set-up line for this joke would be, since popsicle sticks always went for ordinary jokes, not anti-jokes like "What's six foot tall and coming to get you…"

      Basically, the rollover text isn't what's written on the popsicle stick, it's another joke.

  20. Man, it's summer. That means Marek is going to get hot and shave his beard, making Eve pissy all over again.

  21. Oh god if I ever got that popsicle when I was a kid I would just freak the hell out.

    Right now though I'm just having trouble breathing through the laughing.

  22. Just perfect, i love the way the melting popcial with the realistic hand contrasts to the cartoon style of the second row of panels…brilliant I say!

  23. Hey guys, thank you A LOT!! I'm Italian, dunno anything about jokes on popsicles and after reading was like "UH?!?!?" Now it's clear, REALLY hilarious! 😀 Hanna's hair ARE longer!! Very cute!!

  24. "Who charges triple to do the Hustle on Thanksgiving?"

  25. Ohmygosh! I secretly love those popsicles.

    Such cheesy and horrible jokes.

    I love that they decided to let it melt.

    Or maybe it's hot there, too.

  26. You know Hanna's eyes in the fifth panel remind me of the cat Manuel…

  27. Awww no, now Hanna has melted Popsicle all over her jeans. That's not cool. 🙁

  28. My best crack at a set-up is "What has eight wheels and roots?" which is really a stretch, but I dare everyone to do better.



    This is actually being sold.

  30. I… I have never seen a popsicle with a joke on it!

    My shameful ignorance, it burns! QQ

  31. Oooooh! I was about to look in the comments for the answer, but then I remembered, the popsicles have jokes on em! That is, I have heard that. THe popsicles dont melt here in canada :/

  32. This is my favourite strip so far. 🙂

    And I miss the Popsicles with jokes on them.

  33. My roomate and I have been devouring both popsicles and the terrible jokes on the sticks for weeks now! Great, timely strip!

  34. I love Marek. A simple man with simple joys, he is.

  35. What removes meals on wheels?

    What's the fastest way to move crack?

    What seals on wheels?

    How do you keep a rink from sinking?

    1. ^Thumbs-up

  36. the most amusement that i get out of this strip is not that Marek thinks it's that funny but his face when he's laughing.

  37. It is oddly satisfying watching the popsicle melt…

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