#292 – look at these photos

I liked the idea of Will being this sweet neighborhood boy who doesn't know how to exit a woman's home rudely. At some point I tossed around the idea of Will having an affair with an older divorced woman (not Grey Gardens old) he sold drugs to, and the relationship becoming cartoonishly dangerous and unhinged. I'm a little sad that one never found a place.

4 thoughts on “#292 – look at these photos

  1. funny to think about how this storyline and certain parts of will's character arc in general really anticipate High Maintenence

  2. It's my new head-canon that Octopus Pie x Grey Gardens opens up the real-world canon to KC Green (from the Halloween skate wings arc), nockForce, and several other things to manifest into the real world and take us away from this darkest timeline.

  3. "Oh! Yes, hello, actual raccoon" always gets a laugh out of me lol

  4. I think about that actual raccoon all the time.

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