#281 – put a lid on it

I am home!! Apologies for the day-late update - I spent the last 2 days almost entirely in transit. Things will be back to normal now, I assure you. What a trip! I'll discuss it in detail soon. Glad to see so many people are excited about Book 3 so far! I will be doing lots of signings tomorrow. Book 3 - Now shipping!

18 thoughts on “#281 – put a lid on it


    …. supermarket sweep, heh. i guess mrs ning had dreams of her own.

  2. hohoho poor Mor… what a cruel way to kill a flattery!

    Excellent comic, I love it! My thumb congratulation for the third book.

    From Mexico with love, and thanks.

  3. Yay for all the Nings! Crazy and loveable!

  4. whaaaaa! i can't wait!

  5. "The disco ball helmets for dogs sold fairly well…"

    Dammit, Meredith, that image is in my head now!

    I wonder what Eve and Mor got? Surely not an invitation to be on the show…could it be a coupon for a year's supply of something nasty? Guess we'll see tomorrow…

    1. Paul, it's the letter Eve & Mor wrote to Supermarket Sweep waaaay back in the late 80's/early 90's. We saw the flashback to it near the beginning of this story arc.

      1. Actually, I think I’m wrong; it does seem to FROM Supermarket Sweep. My apologies, Paul.

  6. OH MAN! My dad did that to me too! I doodled a comic and mailed a letter to my favorite comic and in my kid-dreams I hoped they would see this brilliant piece of work and offer me a job. Before I went to art school I laughed about how silly that was and my dad said, “well don’t get mad… BUT I KEPT IT.”


    1. Please let me modify that… he kept the ARTWORK.

  7. The suspense!!

  8. Exactly how has Olly has avoided getting punted by the shareholders? It is a true mystery.

    1. Um…”how has Olly avoided etc etc.” My bad.

  9. Oh gosh! That smarts. Well now we know what Momning wanted out of life.

  10. Wow…this is such a great twist! Also makes me glad my parents always encouraged my dream-chasing.

  11. hehe…. skymall


  13. I made that exact face like Nor in panel #4, like, c'mon Eve, he just opened up to you! But her brush-off did put a damper on a potential cheesy moment, so I'm kinda torn?

    Also, WHY DO PARENTS ALWAYS RUIN THINGS?! When my family went to a neighborhood event where they gave away raffle tickets, my Mom pocketed the tickets and left without telling me or my siblings. So when it came time to do the giveaway, our tickets were gone, so they had to call other ticket numbers. And yep, the first winning ticket numbers were ours.

    We could've won bikes. ;n;

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