#276 – boing

Guys!! Guess what I received in the mail yesterday. Excuse the crappy photos, but I'm currently staying in Portland, where there is limited technology. Nonetheless, I delightedly cobbled a few more pics together on my Livejournal for all to view. I am very pleased with the way this book came out. The colors are gorgeous and the book has a very substantial, weighty feel to it. As for the comics inside, well, there are no surprises there. Everything is sharp and crisp and lovely as it should be. :)

27 thoughts on “#276 – boing

  1. The last panel with Eve's feet fluttering totally reminds me of how Luigi jumps in Super Mario Bros. 2.

    Plus, the guy in the same panel looks like he's about ready to breathe fire, he's so pissed off!

    1. YES! Ahh Luigi….you were so difficult to play as :

  2. GO EVE GO!

    1. Double Leapfrog –> Nosedive –> Faceplant –> Frontflip!

      QUADRUPLE COMBO 5000 Pts.

  3. Eve (dressed as Power Girl :o) in today's Least I Could Do: http://www.leasticoulddo.com/comic/20090410

    1. LOL. Cute, but a gaming comic? Only about 1/3 of the comics in that day's LICD are actual gaming comics…

      1. Well I know there's 6 I would call 100% Gaming (Leo from VGC, Gabe and Tycho from PA, what's his face and his robot from C-A-D, and the Black Mage from 8-Bit). Tho Geoff from Rooster Teeth's comics could be kinda considered gaming (even tho they do just about as many slice of real life stories as they do about games). Think they are considering their LFG characters as gaming as well (seeing as Richard "bombed" Rayne's apartment and Krunch is fighting Rayne's Audibot) probably due to the (sowmewahat) ties to pen and paper rpgs.

        So I guess I can bump that to 9. But I really don't recognize most of the other characters so I really can't say who's gaming and who's not other than based on looks and who appeared in the past comics. Some do look boderline (like pink haired armored bikini chick, the orange 1 horned goblin thing and the dude with a helmet on the stairs) but that's mostly because of the PnP RPG aspects of their looks.

        1. The LolBat is there from Scott Kurtz's PvP. And Eve isn't actually on the side of the gaming comics, if you go back a few strips you'll find that out.

          Biff is also in there from The Book of Biff (he's the one with the CD stickin' out of his head and holding a 360)

        2. The "one-horned orange goblin thing" is Thaco from Goblins. http://www.goblinscomic.com
          It's a gaming comic if you consider Dungeons and Dragons-based comics to be "gaming" comics.

          Furthmore, it is one ear not one horn, however I understand how you could've been mistaken.

        3. Pink-haired armoured chick is from The Legend Of Bill, I think, and the little dude in the helmet is Nodwick.

        4. Most of the ones I recognize are from non-gaming comics. Of the two guys right behind the pink-haired gal, the one with spiky black hair is Vanderbeam from Starslip, and blue-glasses guy is Davan from Something Positive. The orange-haired gal is Hazel from Girls with Slingshots, and the guy doing a flying kick in the back looks like Dr McNinja. And the guy sitting on the stoop next to Nodwick might be Ben from Templar AZ, but I'm not positive about that.

  4. last panel is amazing

  5. That fat guy DOES look like he's gonna get some Bowzer fire goin' on…

  6. Woooo! Action sequence!

  7. You do slapstick quite well. Eve as action-character is delightful.

    1. Well said! Hooray for action-scene-Eve.

  8. The expression on Eve's face in the center of the top panel is reminiscent of a cat in mid-pounce. You don't do excessive amounts of "action" comics, but you are wicked good at them when you do.

  9. Portland? Go to Jakes Seafood downtown before you leave, the crawfish etouffee is to die for.

  10. Meredith, your comic seems to get better and better everyday. I absolutely love the first panel.

  11. Bouncy bottle of something. Handy feature.

  12. Well, it was made of paper mache': Maybe it was still kinda wet?

  13. Yes! Oh, that's fantastic! It reminds me of FLCL. I keep finding new things that I like in this one.

  14. This totally calls for some Octopus Pie animations. If I just had time to sketch one out, I'd be all over it.

  15. I'm reading an allegory for the new economy…

  16. this comic made me rofl. who knew eve had such amazing athletic abilities?

  17. there should be more obese people in this strip, your talent with expressions really shines on them

  18. You Go Eve! Once you drink the bottle, smash someone with it!

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