#265 – unsaleable

I don't think Olly was portrayed as impulsive and wasteful of his money too often. Usually he just ran things as cheaply as possible, so this is a distinct moment of weakness. I think I had some plan for Olly to be going through a divorce at some point? But his deterioration ended up being way slower and less noticeable than that.

2 thoughts on “#265 – unsaleable

  1. I just assume Olly probably went through a divorce offscreen over the course of the comic. Or the equivalent process without an actual marriage to divorce.

    Also, in the tiny organic food store business, sometimes you buy into weird food fads without a clear idea of who's going to buy it, or why, or maybe even whether it's become a fad yet.

  2. Synergy is when Ollie screws up just enough to force Eve to get creative and then Eve fixes everything.

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