#264 – an amazing sweep

I still really like Eve's handsome bangs and baseball-y shirt here. I'm not sure what I was setting up with the reveal that Julie worked at Disneyworld - I guess that she'd been in and out of college a lot by now? That sounds right.

4 thoughts on “#264 – an amazing sweep

  1. Dawwwww at Rush in panel 2

  2. I don't remember this comic from when I first read through, but now I am positive it is my favorite

  3. I don't know that grocery stores ever held any mystique for me, except maybe the first few times I saw automatic doors (so long ago, that they used pressure plates to trigger, not electronic sensors). But one summer in college I worked for 7-Up, driving all over Los Angeles, stocking shelves and building end displays. It was kind of interesting seeing behind the scenes, but the job was so stressful, it was months before I could go into a supermarket without a surge of adrenaline and an urge to flee.

  4. My four year old is watching Supermarket Sweep on Amazon these days and she is actually like this in the market now, not even kidding

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