#263 – that’s illegal

Fun fact about this comic: the simulation of Eve's left-handed writing was done with my right hand. Surprisingly painstaking! My pal Frank Gibson recently alerted me to his wonderful new co-creation, Tiny Kitten Teeth. It's a comic written by Frank and illustrated by the ridiculously talented Becky Dreistadt - and it's something to behold. I assure you you've never seen a webcomic that looks quite like this. Go read it now while it's brand new!

12 thoughts on “#263 – that’s illegal

  1. Haha, I was wondering if you wrote that with your opposite hand. XD

    Also this is proving to be one of the cutest and most nostalgic arcs I've ever read. It brings back fond memories of playing Wheel of Fortune with a pad of that special for-kids-learning-to-write paper.

  2. I agree. It's so adorable I almost want to hate it, but I can't.

  3. The last two panels give me the warm fuzzies. Eve and Mor are the cutest kids evereverevereverrr.

  4. baby nings are super cute ^_^

  5. Well, maybe they'd be able to get onto Kids Say The Darndest Things?

    Rushmore? Oh dear…

  6. I had to make an account to say HOW ADORABLE NING'S FACE IS IN PANEL FOUR!!!

  7. FInall. I webcomic that takes me back to the glory of Supermarket Sweetp and those amazingly absurd pieces of ginormous meat and cheese. Ahhhhhhhh thank you!

  8. Li'l Eve is already on thin ice with the fuzz.

  9. I don't go to New York very often, so Forest Hills makes me think of one thing, and that is that THAT IS WHERE SPIDER-MAN LIVES.

  10. I just realized their names are literally Eve Ning and Mor Ning. What were their parents thinking XD Clever though

  11. Too bad, Tiny Kitten Teeth's link is dead. I found their tumblr https://tumblr.beckyandfrank.com/ which posted up to 2019, they also have the same link to the comics, so it's also dead.

    I did find a hardcover version (with derived products) on https://topatoco.com/collections/tiny-kitten-teet… though.

    And yes, you probably noticed, I'm tracing back through the whole comic 12 years later, posting comments here and there over the way. All since I saw your announcement of Perfect Tides.

    1. Ah, yes, the joy of finding totally dead links on older webcomic pages. The annoyance of not being able to see what an author was talking about may sometimes be cancelled out by the joy of the search, though, because actually managing to find stuff that seems like it would probably be gone forever is always fun. Though, with links like that, you might be able to find them on the Wayback Machine? I’m pretty sure there are entire webcomics stored there. Definitely worth a shot. I would check myself but I can’t right now.

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