#251 – a horrible dragon

Not much to say here. See you Friday!

14 thoughts on “#251 – a horrible dragon

  1. SAY WHAAAAAAA??? AND THE PLOT THICKENS!!!….soooo very thick!


  3. I totally love will <3 not just due to name-likeness

  4. I love them together! Ugh, I squeed!

  5. i called that one twenty strips ago, but that's okay, i still enjoy it.

  6. Bah, they have some chemistry, but I can't imagine them going long term. Eve couldn't take Will that long. Will would love it though.

  7. ooh, spoke too soon!

  8. http://www.gravatar.

    I've been needing this to happen.

  9. FUCK YES I have been waiting for this for AGES

  10. said to myself as i read the previous strip, "god they are so gonna hook up this year".
    Glad its happened,….but what happens next?????
    oh I'l just click the next button :p

  11. I'm mad but thrilled at the same time… 😀 Oh the sexy irony of it!

  12. I love Will's reaction. It's like he missed the basketball shot of fidelity.

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