#252 – more tongue than average

Oh sadness! After the weekend: probably some more. Have a good one!

12 thoughts on “#252 – more tongue than average

  1. And this is when they all read "The Ethical Slut" & have a big hippie love in 😀

  2. the last panel (and this comic/arc) are both beautiful, familiar, and rad.

  3. Panel 4 cracked me up. It must be a panel 4 thing.

  4. I believe I have perfected said "eyebrow thing." Very useful indeed.

    1. I can't do that eyebrow thing, but I can wiggle my ears. <_<

  5. why do i hear the girl from that nick sho Icarly when ning talks now?


  6. Oh My GOD! I laughed so hard!! I want panel four on a t-shirt or framed or TATOOED ON THE BACKS OF MY EYEBALLS!! That's how good.

  7. The average amount of tongue being one tongue, presumably? The insertion of any foreign tongue thereby raising the total amount of tongue above that average?

    For the record, I giggled the whole time I was writing that.

  8. I've probably said it before, but I'll say it again. Why/How does this comic win so much?!?!?

    I hope my future boyfriend does the eyebrow thing. It's so adorable on Will.

  10. The eyebrow thing is REAL


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