#250 – before i act a fool

I remember wishing I'd come up with a punchline for this one, but maybe the punchline is the feeling of dread we're all getting at this point. This experience in general still feels very real to me, only realizing one's level of intoxication when you're walled up in a strange bathroom.

3 thoughts on “#250 – before i act a fool

  1. One of the things I love about webcomics is creators realizing that they don't actually have to shoehorn a punchline into the last panel; you can just let the funny live wherever it fits best, organically.

  2. "Before I act a fool" feels like this comic's "I got a bad feeling about this" or "what could go wrong?"

  3. When I originally read https://www.octopuspie.com/2020-01-28/688-689-tha… (the dog peeing on the coconut) I thought how much Eve had changed laughing like that and if Will's face is reflecting the same surprise. Re-reading the 7th panel in this strip I am even more convinced.

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