#251 – a horrible dragon

Is this first little bit of scandal in OP? I think we were running pretty cool before this moment. At some point the stakes needed to be raised and the characters' mistakes needed to have deeper consequence. I hesitated to lay that on the series, but it really ended up defining everything.

7 thoughts on “#251 – a horrible dragon

  1. This is when I fully committed to the Will/Eve and never stopped believin' (did they ever have an official ship name?). They just always seem to have fun.

    Funny because even towards the end, I assumed Park was going to be the great love of her life.

    1. Weve? Evill?

      Oh god these aren't working at all

    2. As a long-time reader, I can confirm that people thought they were Evill together.

    3. Willerest!

  2. Eve kissed someone and it was a bad idea count: 1
    Will kissed someone and it was a bad idea count: 1

    Wonder how high these numbers will get before we're through.

    1. Having read the entirety of OP 4 times now coming into the 5th, I can tell you there's at least a significant enough increase.

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