#247 – alleged proof of love

Hey guys, I am officially appearing at New York Comic Con on February 6-9. Save the date! I'll have the usual array of goodies, and perhaps a new thing or two. We'll see as the date gets closer. But please stop by and say hello!

5 thoughts on “#247 – alleged proof of love

  1. Word of the storyline: Jealousy!

  2. i like this one. don't know why. maybe it's the epic snowball fight in the background.

  3. Marigold comes off fakeity fake fake in this one.

  4. Panel 5 is so true XD. The law you know where it is (mostly) and at least you don't have to physically dodge it XD.

  5. richard schumacher

    "Tabby bid night? Haw! Rich."

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