#242 – the fly’s thighs

Why on earth did I introduce Donovan as an ACCOUNTANT? I think my early instinct was that Hanna's friendships were very often and inextricably transactional. I think I also liked the idea of a cute asshole with a boring life.

6 thoughts on “#242 – the fly’s thighs

  1. *squints suspiciously at Donovan*

    1. Oh you don't have to worry about Donovan. He's openly and honestly a jerk and wear it on his sleeve. Also he's gone without much explanation after a while I think. Probably cause he's a jerk.

  2. The accountant part makes sense, in that Donovan seems to resent Eve for having a 'lion tamer' life. Or at least Monty Python has lead me to believe that all accountants dream of being lion tamers.

  3. I don't get Eve's realization on panel three. What did she realize?

    1. That Will and Marigold are dating, I think.

    2. that they're dating

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