#228 – launch code

Boy I hate how those buttons on Eve's dress came out. I needed to stop and think about what I was doing. I was mad with power. Part of leaving a multi-kid home and staking out on your own for me was being out of the loop on family news. You're not there, so you don't know. Your siblings are there, and they know, and they kind of wield that knowing? All kind of power struggles going on here.

7 thoughts on “#228 – launch code

  1. It seems the last two pages have uploaded with their original descriptions! Whoops! It's still interesting to see what was happening so long ago though

  2. So how'd the AIM integration work out?

    1. The thing I can't believe is that ICQ still exists.

      1. Huh, so it does … Haven't used that in maybe 15 years, but muscle memory still had my ID and password. And the account was still active. In this age of transient technologies, that's kinda impressive.

  3. I'd like some insight on the non-US weetabix cereal featured in this strip! Import?

    1. I know you posted this like, a year ago but they sell it at Trader Joe's! Also of COURSE Merek eats weird imported cereal.

  4. Ever draw legs just to flex on Jim Davis

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