#229 – sweet n’ cuddly

I spent a lot of time at Penn Station drinking Smoothie King when I was in college, taking the train to visit family. Now I pass through their doors once a week during a Philly-New York commute. It's still a horrible place, and now it has a Shake Shack. Did I see Bertilak as having a longer, more redemptive role in this comic? Probably not. It was a small gesture to absolve him from true "bad guy" status, which I was sort of averse to in those days.

6 thoughts on “#229 – sweet n’ cuddly

  1. Soooo … old newsposts … is this the new normal?

    1. That being said I love this page

  2. This remains an extremely accurate portrayal of the Penn Station LIRR.

  3. I would have to re-evaluate my feelings about Starbucks beverages if they started adding rum and/or vodka.

  4. Did Bert ever return? Was he a character pre-Renaissance Faire, perhaps working at Olly's? I never noticed him.

  5. Their chemistry is so entertaining here, I do wish we had a few more Eve/Bert interactions.

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