#216 – predisposed to gravity

Are we meant to believe this is where Will and Marigold hit it off? Or just a peek into how they might occupy the same space with nothing to do.

3 thoughts on “#216 – predisposed to gravity

  1. Olly seriously got off easy here. Eve should have hired an attorney, filed for worker’s comp, sued for hazardous working conditions, and won half a million dollars.

    But I suppose the only one present who might even start to think that way was Park.

    1. sebastianshanearmstrongcooper

      This kind of reasoning makes me think more that Park was not a bad person…

      He was just nowhere near the right person for Eve. So he SHOULD be the villain in this story… just not a villain in general.

      1. Park is a judgmental prick, but I wouldn't say he's a bad guy. It's easy to see him in a bad light in the lens of a slice-of-life story of the millennial plight aimlessness in early adulthood, something Park seems to never have been afflicted of. I've had my share of controlling partners, and while I would always loathe the damage they've done to me, I can never deny that maybe much of it was just because we were never really right for each other. (Also because they were assholes.)

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