octopus pie theater – election edition

Oh boy -- instantly dated. So yes, this went up right after Barack Obama won the presidency. There's so much in here. Use of Twitter, yes, but not Twitter as we know it. The broken Boomer/Gen-x dream of Hillary. And the sense that Obama might've brought more hope than substance. I didn't make a comic for the 2016 election, even though it somehow ended up being a bigger deal than 2008. The online world and my approach to art and the way politics influence my work has changed. I really have nothing more profound to say. You carry the years you came of age with you in all their glory and misery and heaviness. On the page, these words and images are just shortcuts to a feeling. It depends who is reading.

7 thoughts on “octopus pie theater – election edition

  1. TBH: Eve's answer is pretty much how I think anyone would answer–regardless of their political bend.

  2. I remember that sort of joyful electricity and hopefulness that ran through the entire city (in Detroit at least) on election day '08. it wasn't lasting and feels naive now but it was.. cute

  3. Ouch. Dreadfully sad to contrast how many of us felt at the last presidential election to the one referenced here. "Hope" seems such in short supply at the moment.


  4. Obama got some good stuff done. He also had some policies that were pretty shitty, particularly with regard to the border and Syria. I think the takeaway in hindsight is that he was _really_ convincing with regard to his ability to fix America's problems despite the fact that none of us, probably him included, really grasped the magnitude of the challenges facing us. We probably still don't.

    But Goddamn, I forget what it's like to have a President you can be proud of.

  5. It's a nice reminder of when we were a more hopeful country. It's unfortunate that it only ended up being a veneer, but it was nice while that veneer lasted and we were fortunate enough to believe it might last.

  6. Ironically, I actually feel more similar about coffee as I do about the current president: I hate it. Definitely didn't feel that about Obama!

  7. I wasn't very politically aware in 2008, plus I live in Sweden, but Obama getting elected at the time seemed like the biggest positive thing that happened in my lifetime.

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