#207 – malta

Oops, another one I didn't get to shade in time. The black against Olly's head in panel 7 may have been a small breakthrough for me.

5 thoughts on “#207 – malta

  1. Malta! I love malta!!! I didn't notice that the fist not the second time I read it.

  2. ah, I haven't had malta in years

  3. I wonder how many phones Olly goes through in a year. Probably more than the group in Burn Notice do.

  4. I feel like 'Ring of Fire' is a pretty good choice for Olly's ringtone, you know, considering.

  5. Wait a minute wait a goddamn minute.
    Is Mrs. Organix Marigold’s future boss? She of the workplace enforced party and after closing coffee demands?

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